Pope, “Climate Change,” WW3 and Defeating The Drug Cartels.

3PapalBullsCoat_of_arms_of_the_Vatican_City.svgIn Pope Francis’s latest on “Climate Change,” driven by  the Malthusian Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, who claimed that the earth’s capacity is only 1 billion people, many wondered what Schellnhuber , the Vatican and the Pope in particular intended to do with the other 6.5 billion? After all, they do not support family planning, birth control or abortion. So what is left? 
War? Another opportunity to take a pot shot at Russia and the Orthodox Christian Church, something that has been in their line of sight for ONE THOUSAND YEARS since they successfully brought down the Haggia Sophia, Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire through “mercenaries,” which even today they claim they had no influence over. Sort of in the same way that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Israel and the US claim that they have had no influence over ISIS/ISIL, and yet they had been funding, training and planning the destruction of Syria for a number of years. Iran is next on the cards. As regards Eastern Europe and Russia in particular, The Inquisition, Napoleon, WWI, the Communist Bolsheviks and WWII were only partially successful in removing the Orthodox Christian Church from the face of the earth.  Today under Putin it is making a major come back and dedicating Russia to the Virgin Mary looks as distant as ever. 
But there is another way to destroy communities, societies and nations other than war as the Chinese know only too well. Through the drug trade. In the last 45 years, narcotics has been made fashionable thanks to Hollywood. “Drugs, sex and rock n roll!” Catchy little phrase isn’t it? And co-ordinated by the CIA. So what do the CIA and the drug cartels have to do with the Pope?  
Keep in mind that the South American cocaine industry is worth billions run by Langely Virginia (CIA), and the Bush crime family syndicate. The opium industry in Afghanistan is booming, over $200  billion dollars a year network where it is shipped out through NATO bases and transported into Europe through the Balkans. Eastern Europe as a result has become a degenerate cess pitt of drug rings, prostitution, human trafficking and organ trafficking. The Slavic people, by and large Orthodox Christians, are now rotting from within. Throw in a couple of “colour revolutions,” coups and a civil war in Ukraine, as they did in South America with Chile and Argentina, and Eastern Europe is about to go the same way as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria and Greece of course that has been successfully raped and pillaged by the EU and the IMF. Greece is the home of the Orthodox Christian Church. And then there is also Armenia, another Orthodox Christian country about to be beset by some Nuland treatment and a “color revolution.” 
Funeral_Bush_Clinton_Pope_VaticanKevin Barret in his recent interview with Physics prof. Mujahid Kamran dropped a bit of a bomb shell. All this drug money collected and managed by the CIA from South America to Afghanistan, is being laundered through…. you got it! The Vatican. As if the world wide child sex abuse scandals were not enough of a hard pill to swallow. The Vatican Bank has recently gone through an overhaul, though what has been hauled and what has been thrown over the wall is still open to debate. 
The Pope now claims, contrary to all the evidence (a mansion filled with the world’s most priceless art collection, a library packed with secrets they do not share, an underground labyrinth of catacombs filled with gold and other precious metals and gems, and a world wide Vatican banking system that is an unknown quantity) that they are now a “poor church.” How poor? As poor as the average middle class American has become in recent years or drug money laundering poor? Has this source of income now been cut off from the Vatican bank? If so how will they make up for the loss? 
Well here is a nice, nifty, little idea. Why not go for the “climate change”narrative. Instead of paying church tax as all Roman Catholics are supposed to do but now only seem to do in Germany for some reason, put in a carbon tax.  On everyone. World wide. This would fit in very nicely with the Vatican’s stance that the Pope owns the planet, all bodies on the planet and all souls. Therefore they must pay tax. Hype the whole thing up, get everyone scared out of their minds and running to support the effort to save the earth! A couple of “natural disasters” along the way with a little help from Geo Engineering wouldn’t be sneezed at either and they could get rid of a few billion of those unwanted people that way. I mean… if the drug money is going to run out anytime soon because the banking system is going through a bit of a bleach bit right now, let’s face it, they have got to find another source of income. And you can be 100% sure that when the Pope addresses the UN and the US congress in September this year, he is really going to drive this message home. And those who say otherwise will be considered “heretics!” Stay away from tall poles with kindling at the bottom. 

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