Jeremy Corbyn is Not Wrong about Trident ­ in the Face of Israel’s Undeclared Nuclear Arsenal

Israel has an undeclared nuclear arsenal estimated by American scientists to contain up to 400 warheads. It is not in the EU nor subject to EU law, nor in NATO but it seeks to influence the foreign policy of the United States congress by means of a powerful lobby in Washington.

by Anthony Bellchambers, Global Research: 

The Israeli government’s illegal settlement activity continues to cause anger with its land grabs in the West Bank and its building on Palestinian land in violation of international law. Notwithstanding this, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, made the inexplicable decision to increase to six the supply of AIP Dolphin Class submarines developed and constructed by Howaldtswerke­Deutsche Werft AG., to the Israeli Navy.

Israel has reportedly modified those war vessels already delivered, each now being armed with long­range, (SLCM) cruise missiles equipped with nuclear warheads, plus a maximum of 16 torpedoes: a naval task­force capable of destroying most of the Middle East and Europe. Crucially, it means that the Israelis have an offshore, second strike, nuclear capability.

Germany, itself, has no such offensive nuclear armament, neither has either France or Britain of such capability, for Israel is estimated to be now the most powerful nuclear weapons state outside of the US and Russia! The rationale for Merkel’s strategic error in altering the balance of power not only in the Middle East but also in Europe, with consequences yet to be determined, is unknown.

It is too late, of course, to reverse her extraordinary decision to deliver this fleet of nuclear­armed, undersea naval vessels to the government that controls the most contentious piece of land on earth. The damage has been done and the repercussions will ensure dangerous instability – or worse – for decades after Chancellor Merkel has left office.

It is a frightening fact that an undeclared, nuclear-armed Israel, outside the inspection of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, is a specific threat both to the region and to global peace, including that of the UK a threat that cannot be met by an outdated Trident nuclear deterrent.

Far from being armed to the teeth by America, Israel and its undeclared nuclear arsenal should be completely disarmed under pressure from the European Union, failing which, all bilateral trade should be discontinued.

In the meantime, Trident is outdated and ineffective against a submarine-launched, nuclear missile attack that could destroy Britain in an instant. Better, by far, to dismantle and neutralise Israel’s secret nuclear arsenal and prevail upon the United States to co­operate in the establishment of a Nuclear Free Middle East to include both Israel and Iran, in the interests of future global peace.

Jeremy Corbyn is not wrong. Replacing Trident would be a completely pointless waste of £100 billion over the next ten years.

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