Texas, The TPP, Pipelines and Nuclear Waste Sites.

​What the U.S. Government and the “TPP” of the world have in store for Texas.  When will Texans wake up & realize we are at WAR? Texans and their children’s futures are being threatened so is their way of life. Our Education Trust Funds & Veterans Funds, & Daughters of the Republic Funds are being exhausted and used for the “TPP INFRASTRUCTURE”. They are using “mischief in law” under the Texas Natural Resources Code for pre-arranged land flips TPP Pipelines & Nuclear Waste Sites

by Oshawanna White Eagle, for The International Reporter: 

Their plans are summarized as follows: 

(1)   A new U.S. Government CORPORATE owned bank which will be backed by GOLD certificates that were actually paid to TEXAS under the GUADALUPE HIDALGO TREATY; to enhance exports & imports of the corporations of the TPP.

(2)   The Trans-PACIFIC Partnership will allow Government and Corporate Trickle-Down Trade Agreements to control all Export & Import Ports in TEXAS.  Port Infrastructures are being financed from various Texas Trust Accounts including the children’s PERMANENT SCHOOL FUND.

(3)   Customs & Border Patrol are being used to track & manage these foreign goods as they cross borders.  It never was about immigration control, but rather controlling the all mighty dollar and the tradition of charging high tariffs and controlling our southern ports. But Texas has pulled funds away from law enforcement and increased the National Guard in order to keep an eye on Border Patrol. Texas is even funding the ACE tracking system to be used by the Customs & Border Patrol.

(4)   Freight Priority Act which was to create jobs was only to rebuild a broken down CORPORATE owned railroad system which would only benefit foreign & domestic corporations of the TPP. Under President Lincoln Texas already gifted land grants to these Corporate Railroads which they used as collateral for bank loans to build the railways in the first place.  Why are Texans paying for the rebuild of the Railroad International Bridge between Texas & Mexico when it is the billion dollar corporate freight companies who will be using this bridge?

(5)   INFRASTRUCTURE for the new railroad bridges, port authority highway additions are being funded by taxpayer dollars as well as embezzlement of Permanent School Trusts, Veterans Trust, and General Revenue accounts from the Texas General Land Office as well as The Alamo accounts formerly managed by the Daughters of the Republic.

(6)   Texas was the only state that did not turn over land when they joined the UNION.  Their land grants of “SOVEREIGN” lands were granted by Spain on behalf of the British Crown & Vatican Church. Why are there still British Crown land titles today in Texas?  Why does British Petroleum owned by the British Crown own majority mineral interest of the Texas Big Bend?

(7)   Today the Crown owned British Petroleum owns the mineral rights on land where “EMINENT DOMAIN” is being used to run the Trans-Pecos pipeline to Mexico.  Mexico has been building their side of the pipeline for the last 2 years prior to Texas using “Eminent Domain” to build the other side of the pipeline. Which they are using lands & funds from the Permanent School Fund for this project, but only convincing people of these counties into “permanent easements” with the promise of increasing money for education. Counties in Texas were transferred book entry deficits in the millions of dollars for the shortfall in funding of the Texas State Teachers Retirement Fund.

(8)   The Texas Land Commissioner has used “mischief in law” for pre-arranged land flips of large tax-deduction land gifts using “Conservation Easements” to benefit the Pipeline and the port authority border crossing infrastructure rebuilding by using lands from the PERMANENT SCHOOL FUND TRUST.  In other words stealing the money that was intended for the education of Texas children. New Director appointed over the Presidio Port Authority which is an export broker has a past legal history of Mexican money laundering through his broker business. The County Judge also nominated “herself” as the second in chair!

(9)   The Texas Land Commissioner has extorted money from the Veteran’s Trust accounts and even created mortgage backed security bonds from the Veterans Land Mortgages and has sold them to secondary markets which are illegal under the Universal Commercial Code. These type of arrangements can cause clause action investor liens to be placed on the land of our Veterans.

(10)Texas Children in Texas Child Protective Services are being given illegal non-FDA approved black box psychotropic drugs all for the sake of TPP Pharmaceutical kick-backs to our elected officials.

(11)Texas ignores its own state statutes against horse slaughter in order to sell our wild mustangs and burros to Mexico for cents on the dollar to provide the meat to European markets.

(12) Former First Lady, Laura Bush has initiated a Conservancy Plan to protect the MONARCH butterfly (ironically the British Crown is referred to as the MONARCH butterfly) which is a con job to use gifting statutes under the Texas Natural Resources Code which will only give away Texas lands to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the corrupt U.S. Government & the British Crown.

(13) Texas Land Commissioner has the royalties of the Permanent School Fund Lands paid out as a transfer in kind of natural gas and power so that he can then sell to the Public consumers and make profits.

For a full research documentary as well as “Public Record” documents revealing the embezzlement of our children’s and veterans funds, please contact me at the following:


(432) 244-8422

P.O. Box 1114

Marfa, TX  79843


Texas Natural Resources Code.pdf





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