Scalia is a KEY FIRGURE in unlocking the pedophile rings: Antonin Scalia Took Hundreds of Free Vacations Paid For By God Only Knows Who

Veterans Today Editor’s Comment:  Those who don’t understand what the death of this man means need to wake up.  Scalia too the judiciary from constitutional oversight to a new height of interventionism and corruption.  Scalia’s real clients, other the his Koch masters were the Belgian pedophile rings that infiltrated Washington and the Pentagon during the 1980s, a series of Satanic cults and the international drug cartels.  Scalia was the most powerful man in the world until a concerted effort brought him down, all based on one little thing, a laptop computer.  Read VT’s story, first in a series expose, to find out how and why this man lived and died.

from Gawker: 

Antonin Scalia Took Hundreds of Free Vacations Paid For By God Only Knows Who

When Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia died, he was on a free hunting trip sponsored by a friend who had had business before the Court the year before. Turns out Scalia took hundreds of “free” trips—more than any other Supreme Court justice on the bench.

According to the New York Times, which examined the Center for Responsive Politics database, Scalia went on at least 258 so-called subsidized trips between 2004 and 2014. In 2014 alone, the paper reports, he took at least 23 free trips to places like Hawaii, Ireland and Switzerland.

(For comparison’s sake, the next most traveled justice over the same time period was Stephen Breyer, who took 148 trips. John Roberts took the least, with about 48 trips.)

At least some of Scalia’s free trips were for business purposes like “giving speeches, participating in moot court events or teaching classes,” but not all—Scalia was reportedly participating in a group hunting trip with a secret all-male society when he died.

And at least some of those vacations were sponsored by people who had or could reasonably be expected to have business before the Supreme Court.

In 2011, Scalia declined to recuse himself from the Citizens United case after it came to light that he and Justice Clarence Thomas had attended a Palm Springs retreat funded by Charles Koch and the Federalist Group, which reportedly sponsored at least 21 trips for Scalia to places like Park City, Napa, and Bozeman, Montana. The group, which also sponsored a trip for Justice Samuel Alito, declined to fund any trips for the more liberal justices.

John Poindexter, the owner of the hunting ranch where Scalia died, is also the owner of the Houston-based manufacturing firm, J.B. Poindexter & Co. Last year a subsidiary of his firm, a company called Mic, received a favorable outcome in an age discrimination case that reached the Supreme Court.

And it’s all totally legal. Justices can can pretty much do what they want as long as they promise to be impartial. In fact, had Scalia returned from the hunting trip, he might not even have had to tell anyone he went—accommodations paid for by private individuals are apparently exempt from disclosure rules.

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6 thoughts on “Scalia is a KEY FIRGURE in unlocking the pedophile rings: Antonin Scalia Took Hundreds of Free Vacations Paid For By God Only Knows Who

  1. I’m unsure what VT is about on this. Certainly , good coverage and important. But- Scalia “rumoured’ to be a member of Opus Dei”? Hah( & Phish!). He wasn’t the only member of the glee club of Franco’s Chaplin on the US High Court. Three are/were definite.
    Robert Hutchison’s “Their Kingdom Come” may be usefully consulted. I have only read the 1990’s edition, not the2006 revision expansion. But the line referenced to in -“Opus Dei Influence Rises to the top in the Vatican “(dailykos 2014/4/6)by Betty Clermont, has with many concerning items, a ref too:”like poisonings which mimic heart attacks”. Cloying wot?
    But as RA Heilein pointed out- “In the end its always heart failure”.
    Then there is the item of Mr. S A Allen-
    I have just got over(almost) a decades long effort to disappear me in official records in aid of international fraud. One smoke layer too this effort was use of my e mail address by “free energy” scammers who couldn’t manage more than spelling “Tesla”. Too bad I also check on developments related to ‘Stirling engines” the motors-Not the tot toots. This better not be a mixup.


  2. Not at all and you are Most welcome.
    Its being a rough week . But I’ll try to add useful(occasionally)comment.
    I’ve barely had time to scan the updates. But the “companion” who accompanied the patron saint of Room Service to the “ranch”- any follow ups?How is he partnered with Piondexter in this ranch? Since when?
    No mention of John P. being a DARPA weapons wonk under Raygun?
    Both the Opus Die membership of a FBI director at the time of the Oklahoma City-“rehersal”,and the Origins of this cult in Franco’s Spain Would be useful.Gore Vidal-“Perpetual war for Perpetual peace” essays if memory serves.Other links could be followed up on.Mormons,Supreme court of Newfoundland(ref:Mt Cashell.)ect.
    Not to needlessly grate sensibilities but-
    The R.Rundel autobiography-“Stuka Pilot”
    Had the most interesting reference to robed clergy in small German liaison aircraft,
    burning up the holy air-miles points with frequent toing and frowing- over the lines
    during the Great Patriotic War.
    I’ve had my copy destroyed but I definitely recall him NOT mentioning that all
    of the Bulky vestmented churchmen being stuffed &
    ferried by the Luftwaffe-“flying Pencils”(Dorneir)
    Were of the Romish persuasion.


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