US-Russian Cessation of Hostilities Comes into Effect in Syria, Bringing Promise of Secular Democratic Multi-Ethnic State; But Only 10% of Saudi-Backed “Moderate Terrorist” Units Sign On; 95% of These Are Foreign Fighters

War on ISIS/Daesh and Nusra Continues; NATO Warns Turkey that Atlantic Alliance Will Not Support Erdogan’s Program of Aggression; Fascist Trump’s Know Nothing Platform of Austerity, Deportations, Discrimination, and Torture Violates First, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments to U.S. Constitution Reactionaries Claim to Prize; Bernie Sanders Has Money, but Lacks the Courage and Will Needed to Fight Clinton Machine; Social Democrat Punts on Hillary’s Goldman Sachs Speeches, Ignores Her Looming Subpoena in Secret Emails Case; Tax Wall Street Party Urges Super Tuesday Voters to #StopTrump!, Keep Bernie Alive

from Webster Tarpley: 

Turkish President Erdogan believed he had a blank check providing him with NATO military backing under the Article Five mutual defense clause for his demented plan to re-create the defunct Ottoman Empire, starting with an invasion of Syria. But NATO has now warned the Turkish dictator that no support from the Atlantic Alliance will be forthcoming in case he starts a conflict by his own aggression.

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