BOMBSHELL: French Counter-Terror Boss: ‘I Have Proof Who Killed Litvinenko – It Wasn’t Russia’

He says it was done by US and UK secret services and that he is going to go public with the evidence

by Rick Twisdale, Russia Insider: 

Paul Barril

A former French official who has had senior roles in internal security and terror fighting has come forward with a remarkable statement: that he has documentary evidence proving that Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian spy who died from polonium poisoning, was killed by US and UK special services.

In a lengthy interview which is soon to be published, he goes further, saying that Litvinenko’s murder was a special sevices operation designed to defame Russia and Vladimir Putin, that the notorious Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky was involved, and was himself killed by MI6 when he became a liability.  He even says he knows the code name of the operation: “Beluga”.

News of this broke on Sunday, March 27 in an article by William Dunkerley titled “Operation Beluga: A US-UK Plot to Discredit Putin and Destabilize the Russian Federation.” In it Dunkerley said:

Renowned French security expert Paul Barril has let loose a bombshell: the existence of Operation Beluga, a covert Western intelligence scheme intended to undermine Russia and its leaders.

Is that what’s behind much of the threatening rhetoric now going back and forth between the US and Russia?

Barril exposed Operation Beluga in a recent interview with Swiss businessman Pascal Najadi on the 2006 Alexander Litvinenko death case. Litvinenko was a reputed former spy who many believe was murdered with radioactive polonium on orders of Vladimir Putin.

Najadi says the interview drew out the converse revelation that Litvinenko was actually killed by “an Italian who administered the deadly polonium 210.” What’s more, he astonishingly says, the operation was carried out under the auspices of the US and UK.

In my books The Phony Litvinenko Murder and Litvinenko Murder Case Solved I’ve written about an Italian connection. But I can’t confirm that Barril is talking about the same person.

Barril’s allegations should be taken seriously.  He is a renowned French intelligence figure who is known in France as “Superflic”, which translates roughly as “Supercop.”  In the French public eye he is a kind of combination of Eliot Ness, James Bond, and William Bratton.  For many years he was the second in command of the ski-mask wearing GIGN, the legendary elite French special forces unit, who top the “badass” rankings of special forces anywhere, and had other high ranking internal security positions in the French government.

Since leaving government service he has handled security issues as a private contractor for heads of state in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.  He has been at the center of several controversies over the years, and is a well-known author.  There is no question that he has access to intelligence at the state level which would give him insights into this affair.


The French GIGN is one of the most feared and lethal special forces units in the world

In the interview, Barril alleges that Berezovsky was working closely with MI6 and the CIA to discredit Russia and Putin, and that large sums from these agencies were passing through Berezovsky’s hands to be paid to individuals to cooperate in these efforts.  Barril says Litvinenko was one of Berezovsky’s bag men, who passed funds on to others. 

Barril has been in the big leagues of state security for 4 decades

From the interview:

“Russia has nothing to do with (the murder of Litvinenko).  The case was fabricated from the beginning.  Polonium was chosen as the poison because due to its production in Russia it would implicate Russia.  The objective of the whole operation was to discredit president Putin and the FSB.  It was done because Russia is blocking US interests around the world, especially in Syria.  It was an attempt to weaken Putin’s hold on power, to destabilize Russia.”  

In the interview, Barril mentions the outspoken Putin foe, financier William Browder, as being in close cooperation with Berezovsky in the discreditation efforts.  He also says he is sure Berezovsky was murdered by his secret service handlers after they realized he was behaving erratically and had to be silenced so that he wouldn’t give them away.

Barril has advised heads of state in the middle east, the gulf states in particular

Finally, he says he will make his evidence available to a public investigation of the affair if it is run by a credible individual.  He suggests Carla del Ponte as a good choice to do it, because he is convinced she is not under the control of the CIA.

Barril’s allegations are sure to raise further questions around the 2006 Litvinenko murder, which hit the headlines again in January, 2016, when a UK public inquiry into the affair failed to deliver a conclusive verdict.

The case is 10 years old, but still elicits widespread public interest due the spy-thriller ingredients of the murder mystery:  spy – counterspy hijinks, radiation poisonings, accusations (which have been conclusively debunked) that Putin himself ‘probably’ ordered the murder, seedy nightclubs, a disgraced oligarch who ends up mysteriously dead in his bathroom, sobbing widows on the stand, preposterous politicized “show” trials, politicians grandstanding, and much more.

An accomplished murder mystery author would have trouble coming up with something this surreal.

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7 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL: French Counter-Terror Boss: ‘I Have Proof Who Killed Litvinenko – It Wasn’t Russia’

  1. This could use further vetting. Barri should be asked in connection to Italian links, about the head of Interpol Zaccardelli. This could then be checked against what he was up to when he was the RCMP commissioner. Bonus points-there are even satanic popeish peodo links! Does Barri have any report on the Araffat murder?


    • Well let’s see where this goes. The mention of Italian immediately brings up P2 lodge and satanic Popeish ambitions to dedicate Russia to the Virgin Mary, in other words give them 50% of Russia’s tax revenue just like everybody else. The Russians will never agree to Vatican oversight, ever!


  2. A friend who was a honour guard in Montreal in the 1950’s,mentioned the monthly tour of the Bishop to the caberts,casinos and knockingshops for the “tithe”. I wasn’t there of course, but I expect Montreal had at least as fine a grade of “Geese” as Winchester had when St Beckett set up the Freeport.
    Lucrative I’m sure. Copied in Rome I hear.Of course then you need a Ghetto close at hand as only some doctors were allowed to remember and practice how to use the mercury too treat any poxes the geese picked up without killing them.


    • A certain Mr. Gates has been using mercury quite freely and only this last week, VAxxed almost got axxed. Seems they need to go back to school as they cannot get their doses right.


  3. There is an alarming history of trans species work with venerals in Canada out of a west coast university.I’m getting pretty miffed at. Some of it was public knowledge & record(1930’s and again in 1950’s-before live cultures of spirroceatte bacteria could be kept.) More info on How the weaponized strains were ” cultured” for use was examined by me in the early 1980’s.I stumbled on them. If I parsed the files correctly- the collection of strains went back to the 1890’s.
    Given the targeted species of the publicly discussed program-The sudden re patenting of an expired feline leukaemia treatment AZT (Margaret Thatcher via order in council ) for AIDS-caused me no small alarmed pondering. Then and now.
    Now -we have whole industries on both the disease and treatment ends. Sometimes these-Firms are different divisions and branches of the same corporations- who tend to run into one functional unit.


    • I have lost far too many family and friends to one type of cancer or another over the last 20 years. Only my grandparents and in laws in their 80s and 90s had the pleasure of a natural death. In most instances they just died from wear and tear and their hearts gave in. Everyone else under 75 if I go back, has been exposed to one dubious substance or another. Flu vaccines for one, hormone replacement therapy after a hysterectomy for another. Even my specialist admitted that this type of medication causes cancer after I had a stand up argument with him in his office. So did Time Magazine sometime in the late 90’s which I had the pleasure of throwing across his desk in a “take that!”moment. Coming close up on the heals of these medications is GMO maize and round-up ready. Cancer statistics as a result are increasing and in ever younger age groups. The next time you are in a supermarket, see how many products are made from maize. Even spagetti and macaroni is now made from maize and not wheat. You cannot boil it for too long or it becomes stogy. I now buy imported Italian because it is made from non GMO wheat not GMO maize. And the way Russia is going banning GMO and increasing private small scale Middle class farming with government subsidies as opposed to corporate farming, and major increase in self sufficiency in food production which is now spilling over into exports for organic food products, I might just end up buying Russian macaroni in the future 🙂


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