France cannot sign the EU-US TTIP agreement due to the attitude of the United States, French Foreign Trade Minister Matthias Fekl said on Tuesday.

Suspending talks is “the most probable option [due to] the mindset of the United States… It is an agreement which, as it stands today, is a bad deal. As it is, France cannot sign [it],” Fekl told Europe 1 radio.

from Sputnik:

The United States has shown little reciprocity to offers made by Europe, the minister said, stressing that no treaty can be imposed on France against its will.

The negotiations are at a standstill, he added.

The minister’s remarks come after Greenpeace obtained a 248-page leak of classified TTIP documents representing around two-thirds of the draft free trade agreement. The documents exposed the leading role of corporate interests in the proposed deal, as well as policies posing a threat to the environment, public health and consumer protection, according to Greenpeace. The text allegedly ignores environmental protection regulations and has no mention of the Paris deal on reducing global emissions.

On Monday, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said that the European Union would not reduce its consumer protection as a result of the TTIP agreement, while US Trade Representative Michael Froman said that interpretations of the leak had been misleading and incorrect. Later, the White House stated that the leak would not impede the agreement’s signing by the end of the year.

The TTIP deal has drawn severe criticism for the lack of transparency in the negotiations as well as for the tremendous power it would potentially give to international corporations.

Moreover, the TTIP has also been slammed for bypassing the framework of the World Trade Organization and excluding the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries.

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6 thoughts on “France cannot sign the EU-US TTIP agreement due to the attitude of the United States, French Foreign Trade Minister Matthias Fekl said on Tuesday.

  1. I would not trust one word he said. That is (in my opinion) just an attempt to calm down growing opposition to signing SECRET agreement. If France wants to take a stand then they might consider doing it officially by making relevant decision in their Parliament and other relevant institutions. Otherwise it is just an empty talking crap as we are used from most European politicians from all sides of political spectrum.


    • Looks as though France’s opposition to another corporate give-away such as Iraq, won’t bode well for the EU country that houses 5 times more refugees than the country with an attitude.


    • The thing with France is the Frenchmen will not stand for GMO American food. And that is one of the biggest issues with France. France and rightly so prides itself on its excellent cuisine, fruit, vegetables wine etc. They are not going to have America dump their junk food in France. If they had their way they would close down every single McDonalds as it is.

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      • Then I must be French in America because I won’t have it either. Transgenes such as E.coli have infected the food service industry: “IMPORTANT E-COLI UPDATE!!

        It might surprise you to learn that some people now believe the new E. coli superbug sweeping through Europe, Sickening Thousands of People and Killing Dozens, is a Bio-Engineered Germ Warfare Pathogen!!

        There has been something strange about the recent deadly outbreak of antibiotic-resistant E. coli, which has sickened thousands throughout Europe and has already killed dozens:

        Too many of these super-pathogens are coming out at once. Perhaps excessive antibiotic usage has caused pathogens to mutate. But this is ridiculous and it is quite possible that someone is tampering with the bugs and turning them into biological weapons as they are now affecting a wide variety of food crops…Antibiotic drugs are not used on food crops, so that rules out mutation.” ??????????????????????

        However E.coli 0157-h7 closest relative is a laboratory strain and anti-biotic resistant marker genes are used in food crops for genetic transmission of desired traits. The whole idea of producing foods through infection requiring anti-biotic resistant marker genes instead of conjugation leaves the random world of genetics open to rapid epigenetic irregularities that do not conform to the linear process of determinism. When the US seems so adapt at spreading democracy why has it taken 30 years for the majority of citizens to require labels. Sorry to the Ukraine and Kazakhstan where these crops are being produced as McDonalds moves in and fattens another culture.


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