No Alcohol In Saudi Arabia, But Plenty Of Drugs! – Saudi famous twitter “Mujtahid” revealed the biggest drug dealers in Saudi Arabia are influential figures of the Al-Saud

devil_trident_images[Editor’s note: The missing 28 pages of the 9/11 report implicate the Nazi Bush family, founders of the CIA answerable to the Vatican; Israel with the seven dancing Israelis and Dov Zakhiem (eastern European Jewish decent) of Booz Allen Hamilton fame being one of the many individuals involved; and the Saudi Royal family.

The end result was the invasion and war in Afghanistan, Afghanistan is now the largest major heroin producer in the world. The ongoing bank scandals involve the Vatican bank and HSBC amongst others have been used for drug money laundering as well as other criminal activities. Included in these criminal activities are offshore bank accounts hiding trillions of untaxed income as we have seen with the Panama Papers and much of this income has been accrued through narcotics trade.

Included in the drugs trafficing industry is human trafficking for prostitution and human organ harvesting. The most evil trafficking is however, the trafficking in children for the pedophile rings and Satanic human sacrifice rituals. Recently Judge Scalia was implicated in these networks. 

This same unholy, trinity-trifecta of criminality has played out in Syria where Daesh/ISIL – Muslim Brotherhood – Wahhabi in its murderous rampage across Syria has been funded with drug money from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and the US/CIA. The Muslim Brotherhood supported the Nazis in the Middle East druring WW2. 

This trifecta also plays out in Ukraine with the Kiev coup government installed by the Zionist Victoria Nuland (Kagan) who like Dov Zacheim is from Jewish eastern European origin, Joe Biden a Christian Zionist and the Nazi Avov Roman Catholic battalions as well as support and fighters from extremist Daesh/ISIL Muslim Brotherhood Saudi factions.The Donbass region of Donestsk and Lugantsk, predominately Russian Orthodox are holing out against them with support from the mainly Shiite Islamic and other volunteers.

The same trifecta is being played out in Orthodox Christian Armenia Nagorno-Karabakh with support for Azerbaijan coming from Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and US /CIA.

If you are looking for the anti-Christ, it is staring you in the face.]

from Veterans Today: 

Saudi famous twitter “Mujtahid” revealed the biggest drug dealers in Saudi Arabia are influential figures of the Al-Saud, pointing out that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef plagued by drugs and who has dealt with more than once in Europe.


In Tweets series of “Mujtahid” he explained that “what announce drug seizures are not equal to 10% of what enters and distributes the fact in the Kingdom because of the immunity of those who enter it and distribute and protect the judiciary and the media for them,” pointing at the same time that “the biggest drug dealers are influential figures of the Al-Saud use immunity in the introduction and distribution of drugs such as the trade guaranteed a huge income and let people go to hell”

He added that “secret statistics about drugs in schools and universities,military, Guard and inland cities and villages are terrifying society.”

And “Muhjtahid”  Tweets Commenting on the issue of arresting of “Turkish forerunner”  one of the anti-narcotics officers in the Kingdon, speaking of of the “Turkish forerunner” talked about the mafia and aimed by a group of influential people in the highest positions in the Interior Ministry, led by three very closer figures to Mohammed bin Nayef.

American_War_Machine_51yRnP3vHlL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Mujtahid wrote: “The son of Nayef not only aware of these activities and others to use their influence to coordinate the smuggling and distribution, but the to get personal beneficials and probably continues to ensure its share and achieve his objectives.”

He continued: “it is not mazing protecting the son of Nayef masters of the drug, he personally plagued several varieties and we have details of his method for how he does and we are so srry to mention the method because of its dirtiness ,” “and previously son of Nayef entered in special clinic in Europe to recover from the drug  twice in the life of his father and after each time due to it and it seems that he would need the clinic soon.”

Mujtahid revealed that “The Royal Court “aware of protecting bin Nayef smugglers and disrigard other issue because the Court, in turn covers the princes regions have turned their influence to the drug trade.”



Read More @ Veterans


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