Ukraine war update: Residents of Zaitseve suffering under bombardment

It is very hard not to feel tremendous sympathy for these people, having to live on the frontlines of this most artificial and manufactured of conflicts.

by Ian Greenhalgh, Veterans Today: 

It is very hard to find words to describe how I feel about the shelling of civilians, loathing and disgust just seem inadequate to convey the depth of felling for these poor victims and disgust at those who fired on them

I have been monitoring the situation in Ukraine closely in recent weeks as it seems clear that the conflict is far from over and a resumption of all-out warfare seems highly likely.

Regardless of your political views or your opinion on Poroshenko or Putin, you must consider the poor innocent people of Eastern Ukraine who are continuing to suffer.

The videos and text below are from the youtube channel Ukraine War Awareness who does sterling work finding primary source material and translating it into English.

May 1, 2016, Residents of Zaitseve / Zaitsevo show the damages to their homes from Ukrainian Shelling. Psychological stress is evidently clear for these poor residents. They also complain about issues with the OSCE. More Zaitseve Video’s that I’ve translated. Primary Sources through Residents are most informative!

– 02/21/2016: Both sides claim Ceasefire Violation while Residents left Homeless:

– 02/15/2016: Senior Citizen Babushka clashes with OSCE. OSCE laughs at furious resident:

– 12/06/2015: Zaitseve Residents receive Humanitarian Aid during Battle by National Guard, show Village surrounded by Landmines:

– 12/28/2015: OSCE under Sniper Fire in Kominternove by Aidar Battalion. Run away, halt (and never continue) their investigation, and do not mention it in their SMM Report:

As I predicted back in December, that Zaitseve situation is unfortunately only going to get worse, and that the Civilians, Residents will suffer the most because of it. I predicted a National Guard advance on Zaitseve to happen at Spring Time back in December, and as seen by my other Video maps, clearly shown under full DPR control, today, for about a month now, Zaitseve is officially cut in half. Half held by DPR, half held by National Guard of Ukraine.

This is a common tactic used by Ukrainian Nationalists to gain Villages and Territory. Since February 2015, when MINSK II Ceasefire Agreement was established, Ukraine has taken 5 1/2 Villages from the DPR (Marinka, Pisky, Zolote, Shyrokyne, Nikolaevska, Zaitseve) and 1 Area from LPR (Stanitsa Luhanska).

By summer time, I predict Zaitseve will be under full Ukrainian Control, and that will be the best case scenario outcome in terms of Civilian Safety. The worst case scenario is that a full fledged offensive will begin in the Summer and the entire War will resume. It’s one or the other. I hope neither, but fear the worst.

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