Ukraine: Fighting continues, civilians continue to die

While Ukrainians celebrate winning a stupid song competition few in Europe give a toss about, their fellow countrymen in the Donbass continue to suffer due to continual fighting.

by Ian Greenhalgh, Veterans Today: 

Ignoring the tawdry distraction of Eurovision, Ukraine is still witnessing the death of civilians and continual fighting in towns and villages along the entire front

The Minsk II agreement may have withdrawn most of the heavy weapons, but civilians continue to suffer and have their homes destroyed by bombardment from mortars, RPGs and artillery. The Kiev junta’s forces are responsible as they are trying to slowly take control of several towns and villages along the ceasefire line. Many civilians have been killed and wounded, primarily by the bombardment by Kiev forces.

Here are some videos shot by people on the ground:

Heavy clashes continues near Avdiivka for control over road from Gorlovka-Donetsk. The video shows intense firefights at night as “DPR” forces are fighting against Ukrainian army. Ukrainian forces kept control of Avdiivka, which became a frontline city.

Avdiivka is a city of oblast significance in Donetsk province. The city is located in center of the region just north from the city of Donetsk.

More footage of Ukrainian forces engaged in heavy street fighting in Avdiivka:

My last update on Ukraine focussed on the fighting in Zaitsevo and this village continues to be one of the ‘hot spots’, as shown in the next video.

May 15, 2016, after a night of intensive shootings, Separatists go to the affected vicinity in Zaitseve to film the ruins they claim was hit by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Last month, Zaitseve was split in 2 by advancing National Guard Units, and are continuing to advance as reported by Residents in Video’s Below. Zaitseve used to be fully under DPR Control until clashes started in December. Civilians suffer the most

The separatists call the village ‘Stalingrad’ as an allusion to the damage to civilian buildings and the ruthless, close-range nature of the urban combat.

This video from April 18th shows the Ukrainian Army fighting in Marinka, it shows the typical engagement in the on-going fighting – street fights for possession of towns and villages all along the front lines; all too often, innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire:


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