Welcome To The INDMA – Independent Media Awards


INDMA (Independent Media Awards) began when many journalists in the Independent media went unacknowledged and ignored.

Here are a few of many examples:

from INDMA:

Harry Fear for his 2012 coverage of the shelling in Gaza.

James Corbett for his interview with Sister Agnes Miriam which blew the lid off the Syrian Sarin gas attack in 2013.

Serena Shim who after exposing weapons transfers to Daesh/ISIL from Turkey into Syria was murdered in 2014.

Gordon Duff, Jim Dean and the Veterans Today team who had the guts and the courage to travel to Syria on a number of occasions, observing the 2014 elections, attending a security briefing and consulting with the Grand Mufti in 2015.

Graham Phillips for his coverage of the ongoing war in Donbass in 2014-2016.

F.William Engdahl … too many reasons to mention.

And the list goes on and on.

INDMA has been created in order to offer all Independent media an outlet and a showcase for their work.

INDMA members will be entitled to submit up to one article or video or interview per month of what they consider to be their best work. Title, a brief description of the submission, the author’s name and photographic material are required for the home page.

All submissions will appear on the INDMA home page, Facebook Page and Twitter account.

One third( 1/3) of the submission will be posted on a separate page with a link back to the original site unless the author specifies that they would like the full submission posted on INDMA.

This does not apply in the case of Creative Commons where the full article will be published. A number of journalists who publish under Creative Commons have their work posted on various sites. The link back must be to where the submission was first published.

Please add a (max 5 lines) biography and photograph (or emblem) at the end of your submission.

All INDMA members will be listed on a separate page, in alphabetical order with a link to their site.

INDMA members can choose to put an INDMA logo with a link back on their own sites. This is not obligatory but would be appreciated.

The INDMA web site is freely available to the public.

See Awards for further information.

The site will be up and running by the 19th May 2016. Membership and article submissions are now active.

Read More @ INDMA.net


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