How Cameron conspired to keep Britain in EU: Leaked letters

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of plotting to keep Britain in the EU, as leaked letters show Cameron discussed the role of big business in the “Remain” campaign before he had even completed renegotiation of the deal with European leaders.

from Press TV:

Eleven days before the renegotiation deal was completed and the EU referendum was formally announced, the prime minister received a letter from Serco chief executive Rupert Soames in which the business leader refers to talks held with Cameron earlier in February.

Soames writes, following up on the meeting, that he intended to urge the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 500 companies to mention the risks of Brexit in their annual reports, based on the letter seen by the Daily Mail.

On February 8, when the meeting was held and the letter was dated, Cameron thought he could still campaign for a “Leave” vote if his renegotiation could not secure the changes he sought.

On February 3, he had told the House of Commons that “I am not arguing – and I will never argue – that Britain couldn’t survive outside the European Union…If we can’t secure these changes, I rule nothing out.”

However in the letter, Soames states, “There were two points I thought I might follow up on. The first is how to mobilize corporates to look carefully at the risks Brexit represents.”

“I am working with Peter Chadlington and Stuart Rose [head of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign) with a view to contacting FTSE 500 companies who have annual reports due for publication before June and persuading them that they should include Brexit in the list of key risks. All public companies are required to set out in their annual report an analysis of key risks.”

Labor MP Gisela Stuart, chair of the Vote Leave campaign, said the prime minister had “serious issues” to answer, noting that “he has been doing deals with businesses to exaggerate the risk of a vote by the UK to leave the EU.”

She called on Cameron to say “urgently how many businesses he cut secret deals with? Who are they and what were they promised in return?”

Cameron has already warned that leaving the EU would cost Britain billions of pounds and put its security at risk.

He contends that leaving the EU would have a “devastating impact” on future major road, rail and education projects.

The Bank of England had also said earlier that Brexit could push the world’s fifth largest economy into recession.

Opinion polls have indicated that UK voters believe staying in the EU would be best for Britain’s economy, but that support for leaving and remaining still remains at a virtual tie.

Britons will vote on June 23 to decide on their country’s future in the European Union.

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7 thoughts on “How Cameron conspired to keep Britain in EU: Leaked letters

  1. David Cameron has used his position, tax payers money and his own specific reviling way of scaremongering to the people of UK inspiring fear and armegeddon to sway the vote his way. His tactics have been sickening and driven by greed and self gratification. David Cameron has absolutely no interest in this country whatsoever – he intends leaving the sinking ship should we remain in EU and leave to boost his fattened bank account should we leave. His actions have been treacherous. Good riddance to this bloated and repulsive man.


    • I don’t know if I am reading the situation correctly, but it appears to me that there are those within the UK who do not want to follow US lead with war on Russia. Being part of the EU limits their ability to align with Russia rather than the US, as they did in WW2 and WW1, or should we rather say align with the Vatican? There is also a big promotion going on in the UK for British citizens to move to Russia where they will be given free land in order to increase small scale organic farming in the eastern part of Russia. This would be a solution to the UK’s unemployment problem and shortage of available land of which Russia has ample. It would also get many British citizens out of harms way should an open conflict between the US and Russia break out, and ensure food supplies for Russia and the UK should the whole of Europe once again go up in smoke.

      Liked by 1 person

      • USA and EU are suffocating. You are quite right, most ordinary people have no problem with Russia, and while she honours and never forgets our friendship and allegiance through two world wars, EU and USA simply want to dominate. The thought that Germany now takes control of EU is also a problem. UK is restricted in its trade and associations and with who it chooses to align itself. Cameron has shown disgusting tactics, UKIP is relaxed toward Russia and feels USA should have kept it’s nose out with Ukraine. Attitudes seem to want to be more social and economic toward Russia.


      • It is the sensible option especially as both Russia and th UK dominate the arctic circle and the UK has much better prospects aligning itself with the Silk ROad Project and fast rail from Vladivostok to Lisbon, so has Europe. Creating such a huge divide and what is more banging war drums can put this project back another 100 years.

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      • It would indeed be the greatest idea, sadly for the past twenty years we have had Prime Ministers who are more interested in their personal wealth, their names being made in history and for this they have sucked to this country’s indignant embarrassment right up the ass of every USA President. To have someone who could actually think and see clearly would be remarkable. Bin the likes of Blair and Cameron and bring forward someone who can be detached from EU and USA and for once think of this country.


      • Well I think and hope that is happening. The “Vatican”influence once again must be eradicated. Another Elizabeth 1 is called for.

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