Major US-Kurdish Operation Advances to the Gates of the ISIS Capital of Raqqa; Attempted Diversion by Turkey’s Pro-ISIS President Erdogan Has Failed

Actions May Foreshadow Pro-American “October Surprise in Reverse” by Obama to Counter Trump’s Obvious Reliance on ISIS Successes to Fuel His Demagogy; YPG Kurds Get US Green Light to Attack Main Terrorist Supply Line at Jarablus, Irrespective of Turkish Threats; Reports Circulating Of Coalition’s Pre-November 8 Liberation Plans for Fallujah and Mosul; West Point Report on “The Caliphate’s Global Workforce” Confirms Vital Role of Jarablus Corridor in ISIS Recruiting 1

from Webster Tarpey: 

“Americans want a victory at Raqqa and Mosul before their elections. Kurds want to open a corridor from Kobani to Afrin [cutting the main ISIS terrorist supply route between Jarablus and Azaz]. Of course all this may change with new actors after the elections. That is why the Kurds want to make progress on their own plans before the elections.”
—Middle East source close to US-Kurdish negotiations quoted by Al-Monitor.2


World Crisis


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