The Duran Interviews The Saker: The World According to The Saker (VIDEO)

Editor’s note: I find arguments between east versus west to be a senseless exercise. Capitalism, versus socialism, versus communism.

The answer is quite simple and always has been. Taxes paid by the population in a transparent and accountable manner, published in the open for all tax payers to see, should be spent on education, health care, transport, roads, energy, security, housing for those who cannot afford to buy private property, pensions and grants for the disabled, stimulus of small to medium business enterprises with low-interest loans and the military to secure national safety. It is neither corporate fascist which is what so-called “capitalism” in the west really is, nor is it communist.

But this obvious answer has never been implemented, neither in a “capitalist” (read corporate fascist) nor a communist system and the population has never see the benefits of their own investment in their own country. In both systems which both have been corrupt to start with, the banks and the privileged who have always been there and the hand behind every single puppet politician, no matter from which system, devise ways and means of siphoning off this investment for their own benefit.

Stalin was no different. Lenin and Trotsky were funded by Rockefeller and Morgan, Stalin continued the process, which was to destroy private property ownership, break down the middle class, take out the top in the Russian military, get rid of the intellectuals, downgrade the education system, and most important, destroy the Orthodox Christian church.

Corporate fascists in the west today are no different and are funded by the same people who destroyed Russia. The same process is occurring. The Federal Reserve bank being a major instrument in the last 100 years and the “mortgage crisis”designed to deprive people of private property ownership through bankrupting them and then the large banks taking over these properties.  Common Core Education ( Outcomes based) has dumbed down the American population along with a barrage of mindless indoctrination through the internet, television and the media in general. Private prisons are now owned by corporations and have become slave labour camps no different to gulags. Toll gates line every road and freeway and health care is not affordable by the average American. Food stamps rather than being a “socialist”prop are in fact a scam, printed by a private bank, and redeemable as certain corporate stores. In effect the tax payer is footing the bill with profits going to the private bank and paying to sustain the corporate owned food chains like Wall Mart. These corporations have in turn put small to medium private industries out of business.

There is no difference between the one and the other, they have the same objectives only different masks. A real socialist/ capitalist system, where taxes actually do go for the benefit of the people who pay them, with honest and real representatives of the people in a democratically elected government with National Sovereignty has never been their objective.

Instead taxes have been used to rape the people blind, with token gestures to keep people thinking that their governments have their best interests and future in mind. The central bank system controlled by the BIS and in turn owned by the same criminals has in many countries dished out trillions in low-interest and sometimes no interest loans to these same multinational corporations in both the Soviet system and the west “capitalist”- corporate fascist system using tax payers money.See: Meet The Secretive Group That Runs The World

The owners of the BIS are the same people who own the handful of multinational companies that rule the world. In the Soviet Union the people were used as slave labour for what they thought were government industries but were in fact owned and controlled by the same people. That is why when the Soviet Union fell they had no compunction in raiding Russia and taking over what they regarded as theirs in the first place, this time bribing and hiding behind Russian puppets as CEOs of these industries instead of the Soviet government.

The next step in their nefarious game plan is to implement the so-called “free trade agreements,” the TPP and the TTIP and all its offshoots. The ultimate aim is a corporate fascist world which is controlled by a handful of multinational corporations and banks in conjunction with the state, where there will be no private property ownership, there will be no private industries and businesses, there will be no democratic vote, education will be Pavlovian with one answer responses rather than teaching people how to think, there will be no due process of law and detention without trial will be the norm. Job allocation will be subscribed and gulags the instituted. All food resources will be owned and controlled by them through patenting of seeds and plants, GMO and corporate farms. No matter what China says now, all indications are that China will eventually also join the TPP. The big question in the balance is will Russia and the EU?

Until an open and transparent system of tax is presented to the public of any country so that they can see where their own investment in themselves is really spent, instead of it being siphoned off to multinationals and banks who hardly ever pay these loans back and certainly not with interest, nobody will get anywhere.

Having said all of that, Saker is very informative and well worth listening to:


The Essential Saker: from the trenches of the emerging multipolar world

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