Benefits of Brexit.

Over and above having elected governance returned to Britain and no longer under the strangle hold of the EU, their proposed “snippet tax” being one example for links to any news site, with which they will not have to comply, what other benefits would there be?

a) They will no longer have to pay 12 billion pounds a year to the EU and can rather spend that money on reclaiming the NHS from private US insurance companies like Bain capital, who will no doubt offer high cost medical care to less people and for more profits for themselves.

b) Britain can opt out of any TTIP agreements should they so choose to do so, unhindered by the decisions made by the EU.

c) Brexit will leave Britain free to return to the gold standard and trade with the Silk Road partners in the future.

d) Britain can choose as to whether they will impose sanctions on Russia or not.

e) Should the EU decide to go to war with Russia, Britain can opt out altogether.

f) Any trade done by Britain across the Arctic will be unhindered by the EU and with the Arctic circle opening up and Russian investment pouring into the area, Britain might find better trading partners to the North than to the south.

The Editor


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