June 7th:  topics covered are economic & financial war against Russia and other enemy states who dislike continued usage of the USDollar, attack of Brazil and BRICS nations, some games possibly on the British Exit (BREXIT) vote, the abandonment sabotage theft of Saudi wealth, the other motive in USB & CS Swiss bank stories, paths for the USDollar before its replacement like a second Plaza Accord, the trapped corner for the USFed which dispenses lies, why 0% goes forever and why QE  goes to infinity even though USTreasury Bond cracks are showing, Deutsche Bank as fuse for banking system failures, the constant war posture by the USGovt with certain war pockets, USMilitary lost superiority, high level negotiations to create USD-Gold pricing for handling trade settlement, and more on precious metals prices since the Shanghai mid-April date

from Weekend Vigilante; 


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