Hacker Who Breached Democratic National Committee Server Posts Confidential Trump, Hillary Files

One of the bigger news items to hit yesterday was that the Democratic National Committee accused Russian government hackers of penetrating the DNC’s computer network and gaining access to the entire database of opposition research on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. The DNC further said that no financial, donor or personal information appears to have been accessed or taken, suggesting that the breach was traditional espionage, not the work of criminal hackers. It appears that was not entirely true,

from Zero Hedge: 

because barely 24 hours later, the alleged “Russian” hackers has emerged under the Guccifer2 handle, and instead of a group of government operatives and/or spies appears to be a “lone” hacker who incidentally adds, “DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said no financial documents were compromised. Nonsense! Just look through the Democratic Party lists of donors!”

He also denounces the claim that no secret docs were stolen: “They say there were no secret docs! Lies again! Here is a secret document from Hillary’s PC she worked with as the Secretary of State.”

He concludes by saying that “the main part of the papers, thousands of files and mails, I gave to Wikileaks. They will publish them soon.

Which in turn may explain why on Monday “Julian Assange Warns WikiLeaks Will Publish “Enough Evidence” To Indict Hillary Clinton”

Curiously, “Guccifer2” he has chosen the WordPress platform as the website where to post his initial disclosure. As such we urge those readers who are interested in the hacked files to download any files locally as this server will be taken down in a matter of moments.

* * *

Guccifer 2.0 DNC’s servers hacked by a lone hacker

Worldwide known cyber security company CrowdStrike announced that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers had been hacked by “sophisticated” hacker groups.

I’m very pleased the company appreciated my skills so highly))) But in fact, it was easy, very easy.

Guccifer may have been the first one who penetrated Hillary Clinton’s and other Democrats’ mail servers. But he certainly wasn’t the last. No wonder any other hacker could easily get access to the DNC’s servers.

Shame on CrowdStrike: Do you think I’ve been in the DNC’s networks for almost a year and saved only 2 documents? Do you really believe it?

Here are just a few docs from many thousands I extracted when hacking into DNC’s network.

They mentioned a leaked database on Donald Trump. Did they mean this one?


Some hundred sheets! This’s a serious case, isn’t it?

And it’s just a tiny part of all docs I downloaded from the Democrats networks.

DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said no financial documents were compromised. Nonsense! Just look through the Democratic Party lists of donors!

This one:



Another one:



And another one



They say there were no secret docs! Lies again! Here is a secret document from Hillary’s PC she worked with as the Secretary of State.




Here are other docs:

2016 GOP presidential candidates

HRC election plans


2.19.16 Friends of HRC List_HFA16 Giving History

4.16 Commitment Sheet_040416 Update

7.1.15 Commitment Sheet

The main part of the papers, thousands of files and mails, I gave to Wikileaks. They will publish them soon.

I guess CrowdStrike customers should think twice about company’s competence.

Fuck the Illuminati and their conspiracies!!!!!!!!! Fuck CrowdStrike!!!!!!!!!


* * *

Back to ZH here, with one final note: here is the platform that Hillary is running on based on the HRC election plan file:



Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times but the deck is still stacked for those at the top. I’m running for President because everyday Americans and their families need a champion and I want to be that champion. When our families are strong, America’s strong.


It’s not enough that corporations are raking in record profits and that CEO pay is through the roof, your family needs to be able to get ahead too.  You need to have a little more so you can worry a little less.  We’ve got to make being middle class mean something again in this country.


(You should be able to have some savings you know you can fall back on, put money aside for retirement, pay off your student loans, start a small business, be able to give your children choices for their future.)


Now, I know it’s not going to be easy.   We face some pretty powerful forces. But I’ve spent my whole life fighting for children, for families, standing up for America. And I think people know…I don’t quit.


For me, it isn’t enough for American families just to get by, you deserve to get ahead and stay ahead.  It’s your time.

And there you have it: Hillary, who made tens of millions in speeches before virtually every US corporation, and who received millions from Saudi Arabia… fighting for the little man.

Meanwhile the mega donations come rolling in: odd that Soros could only afford $1 million.


Read More @ Zero Hedge.com

Here are some emails of potential D-Team donors from Guccifer2,

Ambrose Nancy nancyambrose@earthlink.net     Baggett The Honorable Joanjcalambokidis@imiweb.org     Barrett The Honorable Bill       Bastille The Honorable Julie Green julie@bataille.us   x Bayer Gale galebayer@optonline.net     Bernal Anthony       Bierman Susan susanbierman@hotmail.com     Blank Helenhblank@nwlc.org     Both Deborah deborah.both@gmail.com   x Both Jonathoncrozby87@gmail.com     Both Larissa larissa72681@gmail.com     Burnett Irisiristbt@aol.com   x Clayman Paul paul.clayman@undp.org     Coyle Edecoyle7501@gmail.com     Davis Carl carl.davisjr.08@gmail.com     DiMartino Kittykitty.dimartino@gmail.com   x Donilan Mike       Edelman Marian Wright     x Ehrman Sarah saraehrman@comcast.net   x Feldman The Honorable Mikemfeldman@gloverparkgroup.com   x Freedman The Honorable Tomtom@tfreedmanconsulting.com   x Gee, Jr James jamesgee2@gmail.com   x George The Honorable Suzy suzygeorge8@gmail.com   x Grunwald Madeleinegruncom@aol.com   x Hancox The Honorable Karen hancoxk@gmail.com   x Hanlin Kirk kthanlin@cs.com   x Hickmott JoAnna joa316@gmail.com     Hickmott Robert J. robby705@gmail.com     Hickmott William billy1209@gmail.com     Holland Joseph jholland124@gmail.com     Klain The Honorable Ronron.klain@revolution.com   x Klurfeld Casey caseyklurfeld@gmail.com     Kravitz Joyce joycekravitz@gmail.com   x Kruse The Honorable Melissammk@gryphonusa.com   x Lagerquist Sylvia sylvial@hainesandlagerquist.com     LaValle Dave david@gamefacemedia.com     Levi Marlyn papalarry@aol.com     Mather Tom tmaher@nhpublicaffairsco.com     Matsui The Honorable Doris O.sacramentodoris@yahoo.com   x McAfee The Honorable Floydettafmcafee@icloud.com   x McBride Sherri smcbrid6@jhmi.edu     McKeon The Honorable Brian     x Mellody April aprilmellody@gmail.com   x Morse Andrewandrewmorse@mac.com     Nix Sheila sheila_m_nix@ovp.eop.gov     Owens Missymissy.owens@gmail.com     Parada Mario mariosvalentinos53@gmail.com     Patel Amee abpatel80@yahoo.com   x Peck Jeffrey jpeck@pmj-dc.com     Pittman Karenkaren@forumfyi.org     Putala Chris cputala@putalastrategies.com     Quinn The Honorable John jquinn@quinngillespie.com     Rangel Jorge Louis       Rangel Olgajoyjorge@verizon.net     Ricchetti Steve sricchetti@ovp.eop.gov   x Roberts Christopher       Rubin The Honorable Jamie jamesprubin1960@gmail.com   x Russell The Honorable Cathy cdonilon@aol.com   x Ryan The Honorable Timtim.ryan@webershandwick.com   x Salmanowitz Melissamsalmanowitz@hotmail.com   x Santman Donald       Santman Rae       Santman Anker Donna don_santman@verizon.net     Savage Barbarabdsavage@sas.upenn.edu     Schorr Lisbeth lisbeth.schorr@cssp.org     Schwartz Laura laura@whitehousestrategies.com     Smith Daniel lvoles@gwu.edu   x Smith Michelle msmith@childrensdefense.org     Sonenshine The Honorable Taratsonenshine@earthlink.net   x Stengel The Honorable Rick stengelr@state.gov     Waldman The Honorable Michael michael.waldman@nyu.edu   x Webster Meredithmeridith@bloomberg.org   x Weill James       Weitz Judith jhweitz@gmail.com     Wexler Robert       Wexler The Honorable Laurie rzhwex@gmail.com     Wilkins Amy       Wilkins David       Wilkins Eve       Wolff Alex awolff34033@gmail.com     Lewis Peggy peggylewis@verizon.net 10 x Mercer Daviddmercer@mercerassociates.com 10 x Terzano Virginiaginny.terzano@deweysquare.com 10 x Farnsworth Sarah sarahfarns@gmail.com25 x Wolf David david@davidawolf.com 25 x MacKay Daviddavid.mackay@portland-communications.com 100 x Toiv Noranora.toiv@gmail.com 100 x Samuelson Heather heather.samuelson@gmail.com125 x Barnett The Honorable Robert B. rbarnett@wc.com 200 x Cicetti Pampcicetti@verizon.net 200 x Both Charles chas@crbothlaw.com 250 x Hickmott Robert W. rhickmott@smithfree.com 250   McCurry The Honorable Michaelmmccurry@psw-inc.com 250 x Selfridge The Honorable Peterselfridgepa@state.gov 250 x Voles Lorraine lvoles@verizon.net 250 x Pushkar Alicealice.pushkar@gmail.com 270 x Dewhirst Diane 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