Fifty-One State Department Warmongers Sign Bizarre Memo Demanding Confrontation with Russia via Regime Change and “Targeted Air Strikes” Against Forces Loyal to President Assad of Syria

Purpose of this Cabal Can Only Be to Save ISIS/Daesh from Imminent Destruction as Fallujah Is Liberated, with Menbij Surrounded and Raqqa and Mosul Next in Line; Russia Warns of “Total Chaos” if Imbecilic Plan Is Implemented; Obama Must Concede Nothing, but Fire All Fifty-One Subversives at Once as Security Risks; New Report of Florida Lotus Gunworks Seeking FBI Help That Never Came Gives New Urgency to Ouster of FBI Director Comey; FBI’s Official Version of Orlando Massacre Close to Collapse as Word of Patsy’s Father’s Intelligence Pedigree and Presence of Second Shooter Spreads; Trump October Surprise Continues; Brexit a Gambit of London’s Pro-Chinese Geopolitical Adventurer Faction, Whose Schemes Should Be Discouraged

from Webster Tarpley: 


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