Brexit- LEAVE WINS! The Hobbits dumped the EU ring of Sauron!

Editor’s Note: Congratulations United Kingdom! Freedom, freedom at last! Here is my suggested to do list:

1, Slam all your borders shut. 

2. Deport all illegals. 

3. Send EU migrant workers packing, give jobs back to the people of the UK. 

4. Align with Russia and open up the Arctic for trade. A Trinity of Russia, the UK and Canada looks very pretty. 

5. Do not worry about the devaluation of the pound, this only makes UK exports more attractive and with growing markets in China and India, who needs the EU? AND it is great for tourism. 

6. The money you would have had to pay into the EU pump into the NHS, and keep American insurance companies out! 

7. Throw out Goldman Sachs starting with the governor of the Bank of England and do an Iceland, throw all the criminal bankers in jail where they belong. And it is high time you got rid of the Rothschilds. Kick them out. Give them their own Waterloo! 

8. Pull all your troops out of the Middle East, dissociate yourselves entirely from that Neo/con, CIA. Zionist plot. Pull all your troops out of Europe, do the sensible thing and align with Russia. Take Norway with you. 

9. Brush up on Shakespeare, dust off Dickens, it is high time you returned to good literature and have a new boom in the 21st century. That goes for music as well, we have not heard anything from you since the Beatles! And how about some good, sold films again? Dump all that illuminati rubbish. Throw all the pedophiles out of the BBC, also out of parliament. Bring back Carnaby Street! 

10. Go back on the gold standard, dump the confetti US dollar. 

11. Tear up all TTIP and similar agreements. Throw them in the rubbish bin. 

12. BAN all GMO foods. 

13 Tell Harry to marry a Scottish lady, get some decent blood back into the royal family. 

14. Put the Great back into Britain! 

15. All round applause for the Hobbits and Galadriel! You dumped the EU Sauron ring and moved on!

I personally am not a fan of any monarchy, but on this occasion…. I got to hand it to you!






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