New World Order Elites In Fear Of Gold Standard & White Hat Society, Jim Willie

Numerous topics covered, all over the map, from the British Exit, to the overturning of the Western Elite by the Asian ancient wealthy families known as the White Dragon Society, the installation of the Gold Standard with its many positive effects, along with some stories on false terror incidents and some atypical Jackass forecasts.

from The Vinnie Eastwood Show: 


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Jim Willie
There is a secret war being waged by the eastern white dragon society against the Rothschild, Bush and Rockefeller Satanic crime families who dominate the west.
What does this have in store for the global economy?
Will a gold standard put the elite out of business?

Breakup of the EU?
Russia, China & Europe Working Together?

Something new to replace the UN?
A toxic world cleaned up by new and exotic technologies?
Are the criminal bankers really on the run?!
Tune in for this very important show and find out!




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