Erdogan Formally Requests Gulen Extradition From US, As Power At Incirlik Airbase Restored

[Editor’s note: One week after the attempted coup in Turkey, the pieces are finally starting to make sense. Turkey’s support for ISIS appears to be terminated under negotiations with Russia to close their borders and bring to an end this almost 5 year war.

My personal opinion is that the Russian pull back when Aleppo was about to fall that confused everyone and Assad said Aleppo would be Erodogan’s grave, was in fact a surrender by Turkey to Russia though never spoken of such openly.  Now terms and conditions are being made under this “surrender,” keeping in mind that Putin has the full details of all those who were involved in buying illegal stolen oil from ISIS, (see: Who Owns ISIS} and that these terms and conditions do not suit Saudi Arabia, Qatar or their US /CIA backers who have caused devastation in Syria and Iraq with their Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, murder, oil theft, destruction of antiquities and demands that the duly elected Assad by the Syrian people “must go!.”

Keeping in mind that Gulen is a CIA agent and supported by the CIA in the USA, and the background and history of the international Gulen movement supported by the CIA for the future subjugation of Russia through Daesh and all its affiliates, (unlike Zero Hedge we do not see Gulen as a “frail, harmless, old man”) consider this time line in the comments section from Zero Hedge: – ] 


The attempted coup in Turkey has a very interesting timeline.

Monday, July 11 – Secret meeting takes place in Tunisia between Erdogan’s and Assad’s representatives.

Tuesday, July 12 – A British parliamentary report released on Tuesday has concluded there is “historical evidence” the Islamic State (IS) group received funding from within Arab Gulf states (read – Saudi Arabia).

Wednesday, July 13 – Turkey’s Prime Minister announces on TV their intention to patch-up Turkey’s relationship with Syria and Assad. Next day, Turkey’s ambassador is summoned to the Saudi Foreign Ministry in Riyadh for “spanking”.

SA’s Foreign Minister, Al Jubeir, during an emergency meeting with John Kerry and Susan Rice throws a tantrum and threatens to partition Turkey.

Thursday, July 14 – Congress To Release Classified “28 Pages” Detailing Saudi Involvement In 9/11As Soon As Friday

Friday, July 15 – John Kerry spends unprecedented 8 hours with his counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Russia discussing Syria, as if playing for plausible deniability. Half an hour later and just minutes before the US markets close, the Coup in Turkey begins.

Monday, July 18 – The RNC Convention and Turkey’s coup bury all Saudi news.

Many accuse Erdogan of staging the coup himself, however when all MSM outlets, including those in Germany, France, and the UK keep pushing the same script, verbatim, it smells too fishy.

The coup failed, in my very humpable opinion, because of four things.

Firstly, Saudi Arabia had only a couple of days to prepare for it. They wanted to distract everyone from the British Report and the release of the “28-pages”.

Secondly, Erdogan’s decision to “repair the relationship” with Assad was Saudi Arabia’s “red line”, so HE HAD TO GO, pronto!

Thirdly, the Russians had warned Erdogan of the upcoming Coup just a couple of hours before it started.

And lastly, nobody – neither the Saudis, nor 0bama and Merkel, not even Erdogan himself – expected that his televised call to all Turks to take to the streets would actually screw-up the Coup.



from Zero Hedge: 

One week after the Turkish coup, U.S. officials reported that electric power has been finally restored to the Incirlik air base in southern Turkey.

The base had been operating on a backup generator since July 16, when power was shut off at all military bases in Turkey following a failed military coup. Turkish authorities have alleged that planes involved in the coup attempt were refueled by Turkish planes housed at the base.

The U.S. military’s European Command said Friday there is a steady flow of hot food, water, and fuel to support U.S. service members and civilians in Turkey. EUCOM said it is working with the Turkish military to make sure the base is prepared to carry out its missions. It is used by U.S.-led coalition jets fighting the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq.

That’s the quid, to what we expected last week would be a bargaining chip in Turkey’s negotiation with the US on extraditing the cleric Fethullah Gulen, who has been blamed for masterminding the coup, and who lives in the US.

Some have speculated that the airbase may be held “hostage” by Ankara as a bargaining chip ahead of demands for the extradition of Erdogan’s arch enemy, Fethullah Gulen, currently a resident of the state of Pennsylvania.

The base is no longer hostage, if only for the time being.

What is the quo? We found out moments ago, when Turkey’s ablassador to the US, Kilic, formally requested the extradition of Gulen:

We have formally submitted the necessary documents” for extradition of Fethullah Gulen, Ambassador Serdar Kilic told reporters in Washington.

WaPo adds that Turkey’s top diplomat urged the United States on Friday to quickly hand over a self-exiled cleric whom Turkish leaders have linked to last week’s coup attempt — an issue that risks causing serious tension between the two allies. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told the state-run broadcaster TRT that Turkey was ready to take part in a commission proposed by Washington to discuss the extradition of Fethullah Gulen. But Cavusoglu insisted there was no need for it to take a long time. “If you want to draw out the Gulen extradition issue, it can take years, but if you are decisive, it can be completed in a short period,” he said, according to the Reuters news agency.

And now the ball is in Obama’s court: does he yield to a person who has clearly made a mockery of the democratic process and hand over a frail 77-year-old man who hardly was the evil mastermind that managed to somehow plan and coordinate with the 60,000+ people detained, arrested or charged in Turkey. Or does he deny, and risk Erdogan’s ira, which could potentially spillover by forcing Turkey to gravitate closer to Moscow’s sphere of influence and maybe even open the European gates for some 2 million Syrian refugees currently held inside Turkey’s borders.

We doubt Obama will rush to resolve this issue and will most likely punt it to Hillary Clinton, who takes over in just 4 months. As America knows, the Secretary of State has an admirable record of resolving foreign diplomatic crises.

Read More @ Zero


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