Presenting “Putin’s Useful Idiot”: Anyone Who Disagrees With The Establishment

[ Editor’s note: Does anyone remember the “reds under the beds”scare? Man those commies were everywhere. Under the beds, in your cupboard, hiding in your garage, your neighbour who was a “covert”agent, and of course all university students… reds, reds, everywhere. Now we not only have Putin’s “trolls,” but were have Putin’s “useful idiot.” This is psychology 101. It is called projection. Blame all your own mistakes and failings on the other guy and demonize him, that way nobody will look at you, your own criminal behavior or blame you for the mess you have created. The fact of the matter is that Putin does not need trolls, he does not need any useful idiots. The general consensus internationally is that he is the only adult in a room full of war mongers, drug cartels, banking thieves, murderers, outright criminals and idiots.] 

from Zero Hedge: 

This weekend we once again got confirmation that any time the generic narrative spectacularly falls apart, and the “establishment” is caught with its pants down (or, in the case of the DNC, engaging in borderline election fraud leading to what the FT just described as “Democrats in turmoil“) what does it do? Why blame Putin of course, and more specifically his “useful idiots”, and hope the whole thing blows over quickly.

Not convinced? Here is the proof.



Read More @ Zero


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