ALERT! Please Share: White Helmets, terrorists “white hat” to cover “black deeds” wants your money.  They will use it to build chlorine gas weapons like those that killed 5 yesterday.  They don’t care about who they kill, this is just business for them.  They are committing atrocities, blaming them on Russia and Syria, in a last ditch attempt to hold Aleppo and to secure their heavy mortar sites, where their bombardment has terrorized Syria’s largest city and held the Assad government hostage.There people and those who support them in the West are a “piece of work.”

[Editor’s note: This is not the first report on the duplicity of the White Helmets. Also see HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Please help to expose this criminals and share.] 

from Veterans Today: 

The terrorists that, for years now, have randomly mortared Aleppo neighborhoods killing hundreds now have a mantra.  They hate barrel bombs they say.  What they are complaining about is helicopter borne aerial bombardment, the most accurate imaginable, which has wiped out dozens of terrorist mortar positions and saved hundreds of lives in the process.  The video below shows the same group loading a massive 300mm mortar used against civilians in Aleppo:

Now the terrorists are donning white helmets, have a facebook account and Paypal is helping ISIS raise cash to stop Russia and Syria from freeing Aleppo from their monstrous grasp.  There has been no limit the lengths these terror groups will go, masters of social media and video editing with inexplicable “fast track”access to CIA and MI6 affilated media outlets.

Mind you, these are killers of children, monsters to be hunted and obliterated from this earth, but here I am again, getting ahead of myself.  Let’s get their story to the public first, then hunt them down.

First there was the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, working with the UK Guardian, planting stories about barrel bombs and poisoned gas.  Paid by Saudi Arabia, aided by Google Idea Groups and Israeli intelligence, it took the murder of Detroit born journalist Serena Shimm to expose their involvement in the terrorist murder of over 1000 using Sarin gas in Ghouta, Syria.

Now we have “White Hats,” initially “Syrian Civil Defense,” claiming to be a 3000 strong operation working in al Qaeda and ISIS areas busy saving lives threatened by Russian and Syrian terrorism against the benevolent rule of ISIS and al Nusra.

Behind them is Israeli’s intelligence services, the Potomac Institute and Jared Cohen, Bush neocon regime change strategist responsible for staging gas attacks in Syria in order to bring about an American military response.  Cohen made his bones in Iran, getting invited there after leaving the White House.  While in Iran, he was able to move freely, meeting with agents there tied to the murder of Iranian scientists and even getting target data for Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Those bombing attacks failed when Israel’s secret base inside Azerbaijan was “outed” by Veterans Today, later confirmed by two Azerbaijani officers who defected to Iran. See Addendum I



Addendum I

Azerbaijan Granted Israel Access to Air Bases on Iran Border’
Foreign Policy quotes U.S. diplomats as saying that ‘Israel is deeply embedded in Azerbaijan’ and says intelligence officials worried that Israel’s military involvement in Azerbaijan would complicate efforts to reduce Israeli-Iranian tensions.
Israel signs $1.6 billion arms deal with Azerbaijan
Iran rebukes Azerbaijan for allegedly aiding Israel’s Mossad
Impact of military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities ‘unclear,’ says U.S. report
Azerbaijan jails 22 Iranian-hired spies who plotted attack on Israeli, U.S. targets
Israel has been granted access to air bases in Azerbaijan on Iran’s northern border, Foreign Policy reported Wednesday, quoting senior U.S. diplomats and military intelligence officials.
“The Israelis have bought an airfield,” a senior U.S. administration official told Foreign Policy’s Mark Perry, “and the airfield is called Azerbaijan.”

Israeli F-16I fighter jetsIDF Spokesperson’s Unit
According to the report, U.S. intelligence officials are worried that Israel’s military involvement in Azerbaijan would make it more difficult for the U.S. to reduce Israeli-Iranian tensions. Apparently now, military planners must prepare for a war scenario that would also involve the Caucasus.
“We’re watching what Iran does closely,” said a U.S. intelligence officer involved in assessing the consequences of a potential Israeli strike on Iran. “But we’re now watching what Israel is doing in Azerbaijan. And we’re not happy about it.”
In February, Israel signed a $1.6 billion arms deal with Azerbaijan, committing to sell drones and anti-aircraft missile defense systems to Baku. According to a retired U.S. diplomat, the deal left Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan “sputtering in rage,” since Israel had previously canceled a contract to develop drones with the Turkish military.
The report said that the Azeri military has four abandoned, Soviet-era airfields that could be available to Israel and four air bases for their own aircraft, quoting the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ Military Balance 2011.
U.S. officials told Foreign Policy that they believe Israel has been granted access to these air bases through a “series of quiet political and military understandings.”
“I doubt that there’s actually anything in writing,” said a former U.S. diplomat who spent his career in the region. “But I don’t think there’s any doubt – if Israeli jets want to land in Azerbaijan after an attack, they’d probably be allowed to do so. Israel is deeply embedded in Azerbaijan, and has been for the last two decades.”
The report states that Israel’s embassy in Washington, the IDF, the Mossad, and the Shin Bet were all asked to comment on the story but failed to respond. Also, the Azeri embassy to the U.S. did not respond when asked about Azerbaijan’s security agreements with Israel.
Earlier this month, Azerbaijan authorities arrested 22 people suspected of plotting to attack the Israeli and American embassies in the capital Baku. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards was reportedly behind the plan to attack Israeli and U.S. targets in the country, according to Azerbaijan’s national security ministry.
Read this story in Hebrew.
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