Syria Updates: 9th August

Jihadists Break Aleppo Siege/ Damascus in peril: rebels eye the Syrian capital and CIA pays each terrorist $1000/ “Moderates” Fighting Under “Re-Branded” Nusra Means They’re Al Qaeda Too/ Photos Emerge of UK Ground Forces in Syria/ US Think Tank Admits US Carving Out “Safe Havens” in Syria

Jihadists Break Aleppo Siege

…from SouthFront

On August 6, the Jaish al-Fatah operation room seized the Ramouseh Artillery Base and the Ramouseh Neighborhood from the pro-government forces, de-facto, breaking the Aleppo siege and setting up a siege on the government-controlled areas of western Aleppo. However, the govt. forces are still able to supply the area via the Castello Highway. The first aid convoy arrived western Aleppo last night.

Thus far, the jihadists are in control of a major part of the Ramouseh Neighborhood. However, the Syrian army is still holding the Cement Plan there. The Jaish al-Fatah is also in full control of the Ramouseh Artillery Base after the Syrian army and Hezbollah have withdrawn from the base’s Airforce Technical College. Jaish al-Fatah is also in control of about 80% of the 1070 Apartment Project. On August 8, Jaish al-Fatah announced further operations in Aleppo in order to seize the whole city.

Recently, Liwa al-Quds units that had been deployed in the area between the Castello Highway and Handarat camp have arrived to southwestern Aleppo in order to assist the pro-government forces there. Reports say that the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces led by Col. Suheil al-Hassan are still in northern Aleppo. Maj. Gen. Zaid Saleh who led the Rep. Guard during Layramoun battle has reportedly replaced Maj. Gen. Adib Mohamad as head of Aleppo Security Committee. Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba (HHN) has announced that it had sent some 2,000 fighters in order to assist the Syrian army in the battle for Aleppo. The HSN is an Iraqi Shia paramilitary that receives training, arms and assistance in military planning from Iran. Pro-militant sources disseminate reports that the Syrian army has deployed up to 100 battle tanks and 400 BMP vehicles for operations in Aleppo city. Jaish al-Fatah’s manpower is estimated as 10,000 including 2,500 fighters of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (former Jabhat Al Nusra).

There are reports that the jihadists have reopened the Alramousa road and set a supply line to eastern Aleppo and some photos of alleged food delivers to the area have appeared. However, the modern tactical situation does not allow them to deliver significant supplies there because the Syrian army is holding a fire control of the road. The siege has been lifted, partially. The Jaish al-Fatah will need to push the pro-government forces from the 3000 Apartment Project and even further in order to deliver supplies to eastern Aleppo.

Local sources report that the joint jihadi forces have concentrated a high number of experienced infantry in southwestern Aleppo. Furthermore, the urban fighting does not allow Syria and Russia to use their advantage in the air power. These facts indicate that the pro-government forces will not be able to take upper hand in the ongoing clashes, easily. The result of the battle will mostly depend on developments on the ground.

Damascus in peril: rebels eye the Syrian capital and CIA pays each terrorist $1000

(Damascus, Syria) – Russian Presidential press secretary Alexei Gromov, in a press conference in Moscow revealed that majority of defecting Syrian army officers who escaped to the neighboring Jordan, have been trained by CIA agents to be later infiltrate Syria again, through southern province of Suweida, hoping to reach Damascus countryside, opening the way to capture Capital Damascus, the golden apple.

Washington and London, added Mr. Gromov, which boast day and night that they fight with ISIS terrorists, have worked out plan B to overthrow democratically-elected Syrian government by paying each Child Soldier $1000 per month.

This armed rebel group has been blessed by Abu Marzouk, the notorious Turkey- based prominent opposition leader. According to Russian intelligence sources, CIA seeks to lure Syrian youth —via social media, e.g. FacaBook and Twitter— into joining this American-supervised militia by the promise of monthly $1000 salary.

Ironically, CIA tried to fulfill this plan in February 2015, but in series of fierce clashes with al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch); Obama’s militia was totally eradicated and most of its members had been taken captive and much to Obama’s chagrin, this CIA-trained battalion was suffered a crushing defeat in skirmishes with ISIS in the Syrian city of Al-Bukamal (a city on the Euphrates river in the Deir ez-Zor Governorate).

“The American administration is anxiously observing Syrian army’s fresh victories against al-Qaeda terrorists in the northern city of Aleppo, thus it tries haplessly  to  distract Syrian army by opening a new front in south,” said  Mr. Gromov, the first deputy chief of staff of the Russian presidential administration.

“Moderates” Fighting Under “Re-Branded” Nusra Means They’re Al Qaeda Too

The current ongoing offensive in southwest Aleppo is admittedly being headed by designated terrorist organisation and Al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Al Nusra under which a milieu of militant groups are fighting. Just before the offensive was launched, and apparently specifically for the occasion, Nusra would announce that it was severing ties with Al Qaeda (with Al Qaeda’s blessing) so as to unite all the armed factions fighting in Syria under one banner.

Despite the attempted re-branding, both the United States and Russia continue to recognise Nusra as a terrorist organisation. The Washington Post would report in its article, “Syria’s Jabhat al-Nusra splits from al-Qaeda and changes its name,”  that:

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. described the split from al-Qaeda as “a PR move.” Al-Nusra “would like to create the image of being more moderate,” Clapper said in an appearance at a security conference in Aspen, Colo. “I think they are concerned at being singled out as a target,” particularly by Russian strikes, he said.

Russia was even less ambiguous about the announcement. Russian news agency TASS would report in their article, “Russian Foreign Ministry calls Jabhat al-Nusra’s attempts to change image vain,” that:

Attempts of Jabhat al-Nusra to paint itself differently by changing its name are vain, the group remains an illegal terrorist organization, fight against it will continue until it is fully destroyed, a Russian Foreign Ministry commentary said on Friday.

Then clearly, regardless of whatever name Al Nusra is now attempting to call itself, it is still a terrorist organisation, making it illegal to provide it with any form of material support, let alone fight alongside it on the battlefield. Anyone doing so thus makes themselves a legitimate target of anti-terror operations including full-scale combat. It also makes anyone still aiding and abetting subsidiaries of this newly-unified terrorist front a state-sponsor of terror.

Thus, when Syria’s various armed factions, referred to by the US and its allies who provide them weapons, cash, training and sanctuary as “moderates,” organised themselves under Nusra’s banner, they immediately became Al Qaeda affiliates themselves.

What the ongoing Nusra-led assault on Aleppo then represents is the West’s final capitulation in betraying its own narrative regarding “moderate rebels” they are arming and backing amid the ongoing Syrian conflict.

Aleppo Cannot Be Liberated by Those Who First Invaded It 

Beyond the very nature of the admittedly terroristic elements assaulting Aleppo, the notion that this assault is an attempt to “liberate” the city is equally problematic to those attempting to promote it.

Aleppo, the largest city in Syria before the war broke out in 2011, had been spared the worst of the fighting until in 2012 large groups of militants began crossing the border between Turkey and Syria and quite literally invaded the city. Amid the see-sawing battles over the next four years, sections of the city would change hands between government defenders and militant invaders.

That was until several weeks ago the Syrian military encircled militants who had deeply entrenched themselves within the city and began preparing for operations to finally clear their presence from the city.

The current offensive then, represents a replay of the initial invasion that plunged the city into the current state of war, death, human misery and destruction it now suffers under in the first place.

While the Western media attempts to portray militant-held sections of the city as being “liberated,” the current breakthrough in southwest Aleppo has put much larger segments of the city’s population living within government-held areas of the city at increased risk of running out of essential supplies and suffering from violence incurred amid the ongoing fighting.

What the West is basically reduced to is openly cheering on the forces of Al Qaeda it had been attempting to covertly arm and support throughout the conflict under the misnomer of supporting “moderate rebels” all along. It is also reduced to attempting to portray the re-invasion of Aleppo by a designated terrorist organisation as a “liberation.”

As Syrian and Russian airpower work over the emerging militant corridor being established in southwest Aleppo, and as Syrian forces reorganise themselves along the peripheries of the breakthrough, the prospect of foiling this offensive by delivering a severe blow to the now highly concentrated militant forces partaking in the operation may lead to a general collapse of the militants’ fighting capacity across the rest of Idlib province.

But that is only if Turkey has finally begun to cut supply routes across their border with Syria, which is likely an essential ingredient to any genuine restoration of ties between Ankara and Moscow.


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