Editor’s note to all readers. Everything seems to be going down.

I am not posting much at the moment, not because nothing is happening, but because everything is happening and the whole pack of cards appears to be going down. Once I get a clear view, which may be in an hour, one day, or a week, we shall continue. But a few points to mention, and why I am waiting.

  1. Turkey. Erdogan has gone east. I am waiting to see what the outcome of the meeting with Putin will bring about. Knowing Putin we can expect something totally unexpected in the next few weeks. In the mean time consider this: The Real War On Drugs
  2. Syria. The battle for Aleppo is hanging in the balance. I am waiting for the final outcome which will be in Assad’s favour. In the mean time the CIA is scrambling to resuscitate their Medusa headed Islamic State “freedom”fighters and doing a Hollywood Advertising campaign that they are the good guys, no matter what name they call themselves. I am also watching out for new supplies and attacks coming out of Jordan. No doubt Saudi Arabia and Qatar along with Israel seeing the Golan Heights slip from their grip and resolution 242 implemented are not happy at the moment. 4 years of investment in a war in Syria and Assad is STILL in the driving seat.ALSO SEE: SYRIA: Vanessa Beeley Talks to Syrian TV During US Peace Council Delegation Visit
  3. Western backed military buildup continues in western Ukraine with a planned invasion of eastern Ukraine Donbass region and a genocide of Russian speaking Ukrainians and an invasion of Crimea.  Also see: Sheikh Imran Hosein explains everything about Russia, USSR, Ukraine and Israel and ‘Kiev has turned to terrorism’: Putin on foiled sabotage plot in Crimea and Talk Nation Radio: Phil Wilayto on Ukraine, Poland, and the Dangers of the New Cold War
  4. EU. The banks are about to crash, the borders will all be closed, more Operation Gladio “terror” false flags will take place, and a social upheaval is on the cards. Any Brits still on the mainland should head home A.S.A.P. Or there is always Canada and Australia. The flooding of the EU with refugees is designed to destroy minimum wage, the middle class and private property and business ownership, then restore the feudal system under the auspices of the TTIP. ALSO SEE:How George Soros Singlehandedly Created The European Refugee Crisis – And Why and  Will the eurozone come crashing down? George Soros bets €100m AGAINST Deutsche Bank
  5. UK. Meeting announced between May and Putin. I expect UK to turn east along with Turkey. They are already part of the AIIB and Silk Road Project. Britain has long and extensive ties with Hong Kong and India that go back to before the USA was founded. They would be more comfortable in the BRICS alliance than with the US Fed. New opportunities opening up the Arctic in the future will be far more economically beneficial than current status with EU. I expect a coalition between Russia, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Canada in the future forming an Arctic circle alliance. Also see: ‘Russia-UK ties on the way to thawing – which is to mutual benefit’
  6. USA. Clinton is going. How and when I have no idea. The plan is to replace her with the Jesuit Kaine VP who speaks fluent Spanish. The Holy Roman Vampire strikes again!
    Mission totally 100% accomplished in that case. Expect 100% flooding in of South Americans and Pope addressing congress regularly. Say goodbye to minimum wage and unions and all that jazz. Back to the feudal system the USA will go. Private property ownership will only be the privilege of the elite overlords. Pope will become the saviour of the USA on every TV screen everywhere. Guess who owns the USA lock stock and Lockheed Martin? With major slaveholding in every corporation involved in the TPP and the TTIP as well as Goldman Sachs. Though who is the boss of who in this case is anybody’s guess.  If you want a preview of life in the USA in the future, take a look at Argentina under Videla. That will give you a rough idea.Also See: Kissinger backed Argentina’s 1976-83 mass killings and Scalia, the Illuminati, the Jesuits and the Vatican Welcome to the Inquisition folks! Think CIA black sites in every city, detention without trial, torture and assassinations. And then there are the FEMA camps ready and waiting for slave labour and anything else they can think up.It will be sold to the public as “law and order,”the same as the private prison system. Or, “Kill them all, God will know his own.”
    However, the plan might go wrong, Clinton might fall out before the election. For real, or, she will follow Scalia to Patagonia and her and Bill will live out their last days in a Hitler enclave. Can VP replace her at this late stage with a rah rah band that will win along with voter fraud? Or will election get cancelled? There is no way that they will let Trump win. Whatever happens an economic crash is certain. The dollar is no longer the international reserve currency and the petro dollar is past its sell by date. Next scenario would be  Martial Law, under a Jesuit general no doubt. And WW3 with Russia and Iran, with China thrown in as a sick kick. Also see: You’re Fired and Former CIA Director And Hillary Supporter: “We Should Kill Russians And Iranians Covertly”

2 thoughts on “Editor’s note to all readers. Everything seems to be going down.

  1. Interesting post however when China is posed as the enemy of the West, a red flag is raised.
    Who invested in China? Who moved manufacturing to China? Who lets China own infrastructure and property assets? The West, specifically US, UK and EU.

    For instance, the UK wants to allow a Chinese company to build a nuclear power plant. A nuclear power plant the most sensitive infrastructure project will be built by a foreign firm. Some mortal enemy?

    The rhetoric does not support the reality. China as a faux enemy


    • Like i said. UK has long historical ties with Hong Kong and China. I would guess that the Chinese building a nuclear plant in the UK comes with a reciprocal package involving the Silk Road Project and investment for British companies. Britain still has major interests and investments in Hong Kong. One of the reasons why Hong Kong has not been fully incorporated into Communist China. As for US companies moving to China from what I can gather this is multi-facted. a) The USA failed to return China’s gold in 1999. Investing in China was a deal cut between the two. b) Not only cheap labour in China compared to USA, but even more important, opening up the market for US corporations. With a population of over 1 billion, sales are more lucrative in China than the USA. US corporations have no allegiance to the US. The TPP and the TTIP make this clear. They are entities unto themselves. c) China was quite happy to accept this investment. It has created more jobs and improved their GDP and given a boost to their economy. But keep in mind, China is not part of the TPP agreements. They have been cut out of the loop of the “pivot to Asia,” designed to given US corporations a stronger foothold in competition to China. As a result China has turned inwards towards the Silk Road. The US has not joined the AIIB, in fact asked their “allies” UK and France not to join either. Both have joined. China has also developed much stronger ties with Russia. Russia now supplies more oil and gas to China than Saudi Arabia does. And they do not trade in dollars or the petro dollar. So all things considered, a “faux enemy”might not be exactly accurate.


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