Episode #148 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Another Road to Damascus’ with guests Vanessa Beeley, Abdo Haddad, Brian Gerrish

This week’s edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE is on the road broadcasting LIVE from beautiful Devon, England. This week host Patrick Henningsen resumes the helm, covering some of the most audacious US and international news stories this week. In the first hour we’re joined by special guest LIVE from Syria, 21WIRE special contributor,Vanessa Beeley, to discuss stunning developments there, as well as new discovering involving some western deep state actors. In the second hour, we’ll try to make contact with our other LIVE Middle East guest, activist and Lebanese-Syrian analyst, Abdo Haddad, to breakdown the root causes, as well as the major obstacles in tapering down the current Syrian Conflict. Finally, in the final segment over overdrive, we connect with co-editor of the UK Column, Brian Gerrish, to discuss the political deception that’s fueling US, UK, France and other governments’ push for ‘regime change’ overseas and a police state at home.

from 21st century Wire: 


Read More @ 21st Century Wire.com


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