Russia – US Hair Triggers For All Out War

VOICE OF AMERICA: Pentagon revolts against cooperation with Russia on Syria/ Russia, US reduce areas of misunderstanding on Syria as Lavrov & Kerry agree concrete steps/ Top Russian Ministries Flee To Bunkers As “Hillary Clinton War” Warned May Be Unstoppable

VOICE OF AMERICA: Pentagon revolts against cooperation with Russia on Syria

Editor’s note:  Since when do generals make foreign policy?  I do so love it when the US talks about “indiscriminate bombing” after supporting the Saudi genocide for the past 2 years, supplying cluster bombs and refueling which kills only civilians…. Gordon.

Commander of the US operation in Iraq and Syria, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, said that he is very skeptical about the possibility of cooperation with Russia, and his opinion is shared by many US military, the Voice of America broadcasting service reported.
They do not like the fact that Russia supports the government of Bashar al-Assad in the fight against pro-American ‘moderate’ opposition, as well as the fact that the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) has gotten a new stage field on the Hamadan airbase in Iran.

“As a soldier, I am pretty skeptical about Russians,” Townsend said in a telephone interview with the Associated Press news agency. “I do not know how far I am inclined to believe that we can cooperate with them.”

The Townsend’s statement reflects reluctance of many US military to work closely with Moscow in Syria. The main reason of this is the fact that Russia is on the side of President Bashar al-Assad, who fights against the US-backed rebels. Speaking to reporters on Monday, spokesman for the White House, Josh Earnest, noted that Russia’s support for the Syrian regime, which is carrying out indiscriminate bombing, ‘only aggravates’ the situation.

“We find it hard to believe that Russia has a clear strategy for dealing with extremists – at the moment the most part of its strategy relies on support of those activities that fuel the extremism,” Earnest said.

On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry said that he hopes for a speedy completion of the US-Russian talks on Syria. He noted that a week remained for discussion of the details, after which he can again meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Meanwhile, Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that Russian military continue to use the Hamadan Iranian airbase.

“The flights are not suspended. Iran continues to cooperate with Russia in the fight against terrorism,” Ali Larijani said.

At the same time, he noted that base is not provided to Russia permanently. Earlier, media reported that Russians allegedly wanted to use the airbase not only as ‘a stage field’, but also as a full-fledged military facility with deployment there of the respective arsenals, but this did not suit the Iranian side.

Earlier, the US called on Russia and Syria not carry out military operations in districts of Syria, where there are coalition forces. According to American political analyst Scott Bennet, the US threat to shoot down Russian and Syrian warplanes is a declaration of war against these countries.

“Essentially, what that says is ‘it’s war already, and now the Syrians and the Russians have a choice. The choice is always quite simple: the Syrian government’s obligation is to protect its people, and protect its land from invaders,” he said.“ And in this act, the United States is invading Syria. It is fostering a war; it’s paying for the mercenaries; it is using Saudi Arabian Wahhabists to invade Syria; and create chaos as well some of the Kurdish elements,” the analyst noted.

Russia, US reduce areas of misunderstanding on Syria as Lavrov & Kerry agree concrete steps

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that the marathon talks with US State Secretary Kerry in Geneva helped to reduce mutual levels of misunderstanding. Both countries will boost their cooperation on Syria, including on the military level, he said.

“We have agreed on concrete ways in which we will work with the sides: Russia – with the government and the opposition, that is working with us, the United States – with the opposition, which is cooperating with them,” Lavrov said.

In addition to that, the cooperation between Russia’s Khmeimim air base and representatives of the American armed forces in the US base in Jordan is going to be ramped up.

“We have agreed to intensify the bilateral contacts that have somewhat stalled in the last several weeks,” Lavrov said, adding that his is confident that “a regular dialog without any pauses is a key to the realization of all our objectives.”

It is an achievement that we have been able to reduce areas of misunderstanding and to reduce the level of mutual mistrust between the two countries,” Lavrov said.

Russia and the US have agreed on a number of issues as to how boost the peace process on Syria. According to the diplomats, experts from both states will meet in Geneva in the coming days to clarify the details of what has been agreed today.

The Russian foreign minister stressed that separation of “moderate forces from the Jabhat al-Nusra militants” is key to reducing the violence in Syria. Lavrov said that Russia briefed the US on a number of rebel groups that it considers terrorist.

“In fact, today our American partners for the first time gave us a list of rebel organizations who joined the cessation of hostilities after the US mediation,” Lavrov added.

“I don’t see any possibility of assuring a really durable, full-fledged ceasefire without the separation of healthy opposition forces from terrorists,” the minister said. “The understanding of this task between us and our American partners gets increasingly clearer.”

Kerry outlined the steps that can be undertaken to separate the terrorists from the armed opposition, reiterating that Al-Nusra should be treated like a terrorist group despite the recent rebranding.

Drawing a line between the moderate rebels and Al-Nusra remains a “complex question” because the terrorists often share the same territory with rebels, he noted, adding that other nations in the region that support some of the groups should also engage in the process.

“We believe there are actions that can be taken to deal with the current construct, some of those involve other nations that are supportive of other opposition groups. Neighbors within the region who have influence over those groups and who have an ability to help separate [Nusra and opposition],” he said.

Russia and US have been thrashing out the details on how to separate the militant groups from each other for the last several weeks, he added.

Both diplomats agreed that the Syrian Kurds should remain in Syria.

“We are for a united Syria. We do not support an independent Kurd initiative,” Kerry said, pointing out that the American forces have been engaging in cooperation with “a component” of the Kurdish forces on a “very limited basis.”

On his part, Lavrov said, “Kurds must remain a part of the Syrian state, part of resolving the problem, and not a factor that will be used to split Syria apart.”

The contacts with the Kurdish minority in Syria were made in a “close cooperation” with Turkey, Kerry said. Turkey considers the Kurdish YPG militia, which is part of the US-backed SDF rebels, one of the targets of its ongoing incursion in Syria.

“We understand the sensitivities of our friends in Turkey with respect to this,” Kerry added.

Weighing in on the Turkish “Euphrates Shield” operation in Syria, Lavrov reminded that all countries that had sent military forces to Syria, save for Russia and Iran, are doing so in violation of Syrian sovereignty.

“Many countries are represented by their military and army elements on the ground in Syria, but only the Russian and Iranian contingents are staying there upon consent from Damascus,” Lavrov said. “Such is the reality.”

The Russian FM and his US counterpart, John Kerry, met in Geneva to discuss a peaceful solution to resolve the Syrian crisis. They were in talks behind closed doors for over 12 hours on Friday.

The meeting of the two top diplomats’ took place at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva.

The two were joined by the UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura. It was not clear during the day whether the UN Syria envoy would join the negotiators to share his views on how to put an end to the five-year war.

The main point of the negotiations is to involve “the prospects of arranging a close coordination of Russia’s and US efforts in fight against terrorist groups in Syria,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said earlier.

Meanwhile, the UN has pushed for a weekly 48-hour truce in the fighting that would allow it to provide humanitarian relief, which has been endorsed by Russia. According to the plan, food and supplies would be delivered simultaneously by internationally monitored vehicles to rebel and government-controlled areas.

Russia is already delivering humanitarian aid to the civilian population in Aleppo. On July 28, the Russian Centre for Reconciliation in Syria, in cooperation with the country’s authorities, agreed on several humanitarian corridors to supply aid to the population in the city. Several of the respective paths were also opened for civilians wishing to leave the city and at least one for the militants who wanted to lay down their arms and exit Aleppo.

Earlier this week, Turkey launched a ground operation in Syria. The ongoing incursion supported by Syrian rebels and US airstrikes was targeting positions of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) near the town of Jarabulus.

Damascus condemned Turkish move calling it a “blatant violation of sovereignty.” Following the intrusion, the Russian Foreign Ministry also said it was “deeply worried” about the latest development. The body warned of “a possibility of the further deterioration of the situation in the conflict zone.”

Top Russian Ministries Flee To Bunkers As “Hillary Clinton War” Warned May Be Unstoppable

A dire series of “urgent action” bulletins issued by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) over the past 24 hours since Federation military forces went on full combat alert show preparations are being made for all-out global conflict with top ministry offices being relocated to the Federal protected zone of Mezhgorye Urban Okrug and one bulletin gravely warning that “Hillary Clinton’s and Obama’s war may not be able to be stopped

As best we’re able to piece these this MoD “urgent action” bulletins together—immediately following yesterday’s extraordinary order to place all Federation military forces on full combat alert status, elite Federal Security Service (FSB) and MoD Alpha Spetsnaz teams began “protecting for movement” various ministries within the Kremlin for relocation to the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The use of FSB and MoD Alpha Spetsnaz teams for any operation within the Federation are to be particularly noted due to their being two of the most trained, and feared, special forces units in the world—while the true meaning of these bulletins referencing the Republic of Bashkortostan is coded for meaning the massive underground complex known in the West as Yamantau Mountain that is located there.

The entire Republic of Bashkortostan, it should further be noted, is the most secure location in the Federation and as a “republic of federal significance” is surrounded by numerous military bases, fortifications and protected by atomic weapons of various types.

To why this region is so protected is due to the vast underground complex(s) some have estimated to be as large as 650 square kilometers (400 square miles) and buried to a depth of over 900 meters (3,000 feet) and is able to withstand and survive numerous direct atomic strikes.

In our attempting to gauge the full importance and meaning of these extraordinary war moves being made by Russia, but only having these MoD “urgent action” bulletins to guide us, we are able to describe the Federation’s top leadership as being gravely concerned that the United States (and by extension its NATO allies) are about to attempt a “false flag” event against either Russia or Iran in order for them to launch a full-scale war on multiple fronts stretching from Europe, through the Middle East, and into Asia.

Justifying these fears, these bulletins point out, is the unprecedented massing on Federation borders of tens-of-thousands of NATO combat forces while at the same time US Navy war vessels have begun a “cat and mouse game” with Iran by “darting” into their territorial waters in a bid to create a “Gulf of Tonkin Moment”—that served as the lie that began America’s ill fated war in Vietnam over 50 years ago.

With the US Navy itself, in 2008, admitting for the first time that the Gulf of Tonkin lie proved that “high government officials distorted facts and deceived the American public about events that led to full U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War”, these bulletins show that the Obama-Clinton regime is intent on doing it again—with Hillary Clinton, just yesterday, provoking her rabid supporters and “war loving” media sycophants by telling them a conspiracy theory that President Putin is behind all American conservatives (she calls the alt-right), but with her giving no evidence whatsoever to support such an outrageous claim

To the “reality/truth”, however, of who is actually interfering in whose country, these bulletins point out, the recently released emails from top Hillary Clinton supporter George Soros shows, in fact, the Obama-Clinton master plan to not only destabilize Russia, but to overthrow President Putin too.

Like all of the Obama-Clinton “master plans” over the past nearly 8 years, MoD intelligence analysts in these bulletins point out, their attempt to destroy the Federation failed completely, as well as their “plans” to support the Islamic terror monarchies in building pipelines across Syria and Iraq (in direct competition with Iran and Russia)all of whom have paid Hillary Clinton tens-of-millions of dollars “in advance” to do for them.

Not just against Russia has Obama-Clinton failed either, these bulletins explain, but in their “created war” against Syria and Iraq too—and as their emissary, US Vice President Joe Biden, has begun proving this week by ordering American-supported Kurdish troops to retreat from Turkish-Russian forces, and his now pleading with Sweden to not allow Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline to be completed otherwise the US installed Ukrainian Nazi regime will fail and collapse.

But to the greatest danger facing the Obama-Clinton regime provoking their moves towards all-out war with Russia, these bulletins explain, is the nearing collapse of the entire Western banking system due to the destruction of Germany’s Deutsche Bank—and as one publication gravely noted today by stating: “The second-largest bank in Europe, Deutsche Bank  (DB) , is in a lot of trouble. And this is a big deal. Deutsche Bank is one of the world’s 10 largest banks by asset, and the International Monetary Fund has said it’s “the most important net contributor to systemic risks” to the global financial system. So, if Deutsche Bank gets into trouble, the entire global financial system will feel it like a hard punch in the gut.”

With Deutsche Bank’s CEO now warning of the “fatal consequences” they are facing, these bulletins conclude, MoD analysts are comparing it to the 2008 Lehman Brothers collapse that brought the entire global banking system to the brink of destruction—and that when it happens would assure a Donald Trump victory that these elites fear more that World War III—after all, total war most likely wouldn’t kill them in their elite bunkers, but Trump would most certainly jail them all for their crimes.





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