WW3 On Your Doorstep As “Thousands Of Russian Troops Rushed To US Northern Border And South America”

Are the Americans prepared for this and are they fully aware of where their leadership is taking them? Or do they still believe that like the last century the world can go up in smoke and they will not only be unaffected but will make yet another huge a profit into the bargain at everyone else’s expense with their own population and infrastructure still intact? ?

[Editor’s note: Sorcha Fall is considered by many to be a disinformation agent. However, I always read the editorial. In some instances situations may or may not be blown out of proportion, in others I have found the reports to be accurate and spot on.

When reading this report use discernment but also keep a number of other issues in mind. NATO has by degrees increased Nuclear and ground troops along Russia’s borders.

Ukraine was the victim of a coup led by George Soros, Chevron, Monsanto and Victoria Nuland. The Maiden demonstrations were a “color revolution”backed by NGOs and Open Society Foundations, the purpose of which was to put NATO in Crimea and along the border of Ukraine within miles of Moscow.

Half of Ukraine is Russian speaking and lives in the east. This resulted in Crimea having an internationally recognized referendum where the people, mostly Russian voted to return to the Russian Federation which they were part of since Catherine the Great and were only annexed to Ukraine during the Soviet Union Era.

At the same time a civil war has erupted between wesernt Ukraine and eastern Ukraine where Kiev has continuously grad rocket shelled the east because they do no recognize the current government which they see as an illegal coup of their country.  Over 1 million refugees fled Ukraine, not to the west or to Europe, but to Russia. Besides being doctors, lawyers, engineers, factory owners many of them were successful farmers from the renown fertile “black earth” of the region.

Many were relocated to eastern Russia, given land and subsidies for farming. In spite of sanctions imposed against Russia, since 2014 Russia has turned the situation around from being a food importer to a food exporter in the space of two years. GMO, genetically modified food is banned in Russia as well as poisonous herbicides.

In recent weeks we have seen the whole Russian team banned from the Paralympic games  , sanctions extended against Russia and the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine for another six months and strangely enough, Typhoon Lionrock hit the Russian Far East after the powerful cyclone brought heavy rains on August 29-31, the east being an area where Russia is now heavily investing in a resurgence of the agricultural industry.

And on that score, you might want to give Italy, the Phillipines And Oklahoma get an Earthquake some thought.

During WW1 and WW2 in spite of Jacob Schiff of the Federal Reserve funding Japan in their wars against Russia and China as well as Lenin and Trotsky, and Bush, Ford, Rockefeller, Chase Manhattan Bank,  J.P.Morgan, Harriman and a number of others funding Hitler and his blitzkrieg into eastern Europe and finally Stalingrad, the United States of America was not openly attacking Russia and instead claimed to be in support of the “Allies.” They only entered the war when Stalingrad fell and the Russians did their own blitzkrieg to Berlin where they wanted to get to Berlin first. Since WW2 US policy in Germany has been to keep the Russians out, the Germans down and the Americans in. Germany has the largest US military base outside of the US.

Which brings us to this: Germany Prepares For Domestic Troop Deployments As “Catastrophic” Terrorist Attack Deemed “Conceivable, Even Probable” Terrorists or…. a planned buildup under the guise of “terrorism”for a German, US, NATO attack on Russia? In April 2016 Obama Requested EU Support for Possible War Against Russia

This time in WW3, unlike in WW1 and WW2, the United States is openly aggressive to Russia as opposed to their proxy armies during the two previous world wars. However, unlike the two previous world wars where the USA was protected by the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans from any attack on its own territory, should WW3 break out, this time the situation will be very different.

Are the Americans prepared for this and are they fully aware of where their leadership is taking them? Or do they still believe that like the last century the world can go up in smoke and they will not only be unaffected but will make yet another huge a profit into the bargain at everyone else’s expense with their own population and infrastructure still intact?]


from Sorcha Faal, 

Putin-Obama_putin obama hand_0A startling Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that up to 50,000 Federation military personnel, their equipment, aircraft and armaments were ordered earlier today to begin the nations largest ever  “asymmetric warfare” combat operation bringing these troops within 85 kilometers (52 miles) of the United States northern border and into the heart of South America. [Note: Obama-Clinton hatred of both Russia and Israel is due to neither of these nations acceptance of what is called open border globalization.] [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to the MoD in their report, this “surprise/rapid” order was issued to the commanders of the over 120,000 Federation troops currently engaged in the Southern Military District operation codenamed Caucasus-2016, and whose actions can only be described as being a preparation for all-out war.

Orthodox_Church_Kremlin_2015-05-09t092719z76856793lr2eb590q98rwrtrmadp3ww2-anniversary-russiaThe greater number of these troops, this report continues, are being deployed to the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug on the border with Alaska where last week the MoD announced it was stationing a full division of Federation troops to defend against continued American aggression and warning: “US military officials may get at least a taste of the concern Russian military planners feel when they see large-scale NATO exercises along Russia’s western frontiers, and parades involving US troops just a few hundred meters from Russia’s borders.”

Along with the thousands of Federation troops being deployed to Chukotka, this report notes, Aerospace Forces (AF) have, likewise, begun deployment of hundreds of fighter aircraft to their 10 recently built airfields in the Arctic region and have begun equipping them with the highly feared Vympel R-37M RVV-BD and Novator KS-17 air-to-air missiles—and that global military analysts have warned are able to strike at the “Achilles heel” of American airpower, AWACS (surveillance aircraft) and US refueling tankers.

color_revolution_1020043028While these massive Federations military forces are being redeployed against the American northern border, this report continues, up to 1,500 Spetsnaz (special forces/commandos) have been ordered to immediately embark to the South American nation of Bolivia too—and as authorized under the military cooperation agreement signed by the Federation and Bolivia last week.

To the cause of this massive, and unprecedented, Federation war move against the United States, this report explains, is “directly” due to the United States this week ordering one of their P-8 Poseidon spy planes to cross the Black Sea, turn off its transponder, and attempt to penetrate Federation airspace in violation of all “international normals”—and follows on the heels of the 1 August US unprovoked aggression when they flew numerous nuclear capable strategic bombers all along Russia’s northern border.

To the elite Spetsnaz troops being deployed under this order to Bolivia, this report further explains, is due to that South American nations fears that their government is next to be toppled after the Obama regimes successful coup in Brazil this past fortnight.

Though the Obama regime backed coup in Brazil is being portrayed to the American people as the impeachment of their popular President Dilma Rousseff, this report continues, nothing could be further from the truth as new President, Michel Temer, was revealed by Wikileaks to have been a longtime informant for the American’s against his own nation, the Brazil Senate leader who led the impeachment against President Rousseff, likewise, being in the pay of the Americans, and the current US ambassador to Brazil, Liliana Ayalde, having previously, in 2012, engineered the successful Obama-Clinton backed military coup in Paraguay.

NuclearBombserveimageThis report concludes by grimly noting that the “nuclear element” in the Federations “asymmetric warfare” battle plans call for direct attacks against the United States itself upon the outbreak of war—and with Alaskan and US West Coast regions lying in ruins could very well spur the quick end of conflict as these peoples have long forgotten what the actual “horrors of war” look like and will quickly cry for peace to their elite leaders.





6 thoughts on “WW3 On Your Doorstep As “Thousands Of Russian Troops Rushed To US Northern Border And South America”

    • As a point of interest, the Saudi Royal family and their Wahhabi terrorists, are not Anglo-Saxon. These people have murdered in Croatia and what was Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Georgia and Syria. The same goes for Jordan, Israel and Turkey. Many of the members of the CIA are Knights Of Malta and answer to he Vatican. They are not Anglo-Saxon. They are Latinoes and the Italian Mafia is not Anglo -Saxon. Obama is not Anglo-Saxon. Also keep in consideration that many of the Russian Mafia involved in drug running and human trafficking are not Anglo-Saxon. Your hatred has a one dimension aspect to it that is limited. There are only two kind of people in this world. Criminals and those who live by the law. They are found in all countries and in all race groups. What we all should be working towards is an international consensus of Justice and respect for the national sovereignty of all nations. As well as international tolerance where all religions are respected and none are persecuted.


      • None of the above would ever happen without Anglo-Saxons being at least behind it if not actually initiating it. Who installed the Saudi Royal family where it is in the first place? Where have the worse of Russian mafia (Yeltsin tycoons) escaped after Putin decided to stop the plundering of the country? Of course – they are all in London MATE! And I guess you will blame Saudi Royal family for genocide of North America and Australia? Have they destroyed Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos as well? You have one problem MATE – your stories blaming everyone else are just to thin for the rest of the world. RUSSIANS ARE COMING 🙂 See, when everyone got sick of waiting for 70 years for that to happen they started questioning your bullshit. And now, together with Chinese, we actually might come 🙂 Be scared because we will show you as much mercy as you have to natives of America and Australia. Give me a kiss MATE 🙂


      • Firstly I am not your MATE. Ok? Secondly IF you study your history you will realize that slavery has been part of Arab culture for centuries long before any Anglo-Saxons enslaved anyone. And BTW it was the British who fist abolished slavery. As for Russians a good knowledge of the Stalin era and in China the Mao Tse Tung era both genocidal leaders of their own countries. Tibet is another case in point and is similar to the West Bank and has been occupied by the Chinese. In Africa you have Idi Amin, Charles Taylor and Robert Mugabe who give any Anglo-Saxon a run for their money. And the Russian Mafia should be deported back to where they came from where I am sure Putin will deal with them appropriately.


      • And keep in mind that Bush, Kissenger, Brzezinski and George Soros are not Anglo-Saxons. Bush is German. Kissenger is a German Jew. Soros is a Hungarian Jew. Brzezinski is Polish or from what is now Ukraine. All four of these men have shaped US policy for over 50 years and still do. All four come from central and eastern Europe. None of them are British. Which is the term from the 5th century A.D. and is no longer applicable as British people are no longer purely Anglo-Saxon and have not been since the Norman conquest in the 11th century A.D. ALso keep in mind that it was the British who supported Russia in WW1 and WW2, Anglo-Saxons who you lump into one basket of your one dimensional hate.


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