The forgotten massacre – Smyrna: The Destruction of a Cosmopolitan City. Documentary

Review from Larchmonter:

As a filmmaker of 47 years with a few Academy Award nominations for feature documentaries, I really appreciate this production.

It is a marvelous historical narrative with truly amazing still and motion picture content that tells the splendor and horror of a cosmopolitan society that met the insanity of Turkish nationalism.

The historic content is devastating. It depicts the true evil of ethnic cleansing.

I suggest you take the time to “enjoy” the artistry of the production, and consume the details of the Kemalist evil that slaughtered so many Armenians and Greeks and destroyed a harmonious city of great culture, trade and conviviality prior to the madness.

Relevant to today’s Syrian catastrophe, we see great cities destroyed and hundreds of thousands killed. The Syrian people have been saved only by the will and actions of the Russians. Others fought alongside the Syrians, but everything was in the balance when Putin sent Russian troops and machines to rescue the nation and the people.

Sadly, a hundred years ago, no major nation acted to save the Armenians, the Greeks or Smyrna. The film production relates why that moral failure occurred.


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