South African Universities – Riots and Demonstrations For Political Instablity

From The Editor: 

South_Africa_SAIf South Africans want to know why we have student demonstrations at our universities, this is why. 


In about February of this year the ANC accused the USA of taking South African students to America for “free education.” These students have been returned to South Africa and are now causing political turmoil in the country.


The objectives are explained in this interview with John Perkins. (see link below) .


“..we raised these huge loans for these countries, but the money never actually went to the countries, it went to our own corporations to build infrastructure in those countries. And when the countries could not pay off their debt, we insisted that they privatize their water systems, their sewage systems, their electric systems.”


One of the reasons why the South African government does not offer affordable education on all levels and affordable health care as it once did, is because most of South African tax payers money is going to pay off huge loans for projects that the country was duped into buying. “The Arms Deal Scandal” being one example.


Professor Jeffrey Sachs gave a very interesting talk on this subject a few years ago:

“I think in general for most small countries, or most developing countries, there is a sense of almost complete dependency on the international system. Their payments, their lines of credit, interbank markets, the need for swap facilities, with the Fed or the ECB, the pervasiveness of tax havens, the extent of flight capital from their countries.

The legal structures where basically very clever US lawyers help to free all of these countries from their tax revenues, they feel very much dependent on a system that they feel is dysfunctional but also they have been well schooled for the last 25 years their goal is to be part of the international system.

They just woke up to a system that they find very destabilizing and they don’t see any clarity of the way forward. And most of the advice they get is that to be part of the system and be quiet basically. This is how the system is. You join it . You stay on good terms with the Fed. With the IMF and there is very little sense of autonomous potential among these countries. I can only emphasise the palpable anger and vulnerability that’s felt right now is very very high.”


Zuma_Putin_XiPing_brics-620x350As for the universities, they want to create total political destabilisation as they have done in Brazil ( see link below) to get rid of the ANC and get South Africa out of the BRICS alliance.
Like Zuma or hate him, support the ANC or not, there is more at stake here on the international stage than Nkandla! 
This in conjunction with a “color revolution” regime change funded by the Open Society Soros Foundations ( see link below) , so that they can privatise everything, including our rivers and dams; force genetically modified patented seeds and herbicides that you will be forced to pay for and you will be prevented from producing seeds and plants of your own; geo-engineering and weather modification where you will be forced to pay for rainfall;  force government to implement fracking in the Karoo and other areas destroying our large underground aquifer that is there; put up toll roads at your front door – never mind the freeways; destroy the middle class and small and medium-sized private South African companies and large South African corporations; take over our resources and force us to sell them to US corporations as they have done with our retail with Wall Mart. This is the short list. 
For those who want to immediately respond like Pavlov’s dog: “Conspiracy Theory!” I suggest you read: The CIA’s Invention of the “Conspiracy Theorist”: Smear Campaign to Discredit Dissenters
The same economic destruction in Greece that has been and is still is being attempted. A similar situation seen in South Africa with the “Assault on the Rand” partly engineered by Deutche Bank and SASOL when the rand collapsed from 7.60 to 13.84 to the US dollar in 2001. I for one will not be sorry if and when that bank collapses. (see links below) In Greece it was preplanned and executed by Goldman Sachs. 
If a soft “regime change”does not work, they are already training Boko Haram – UNITA is part of it, and we can expect similar as is happening in Ukraine, Syria, Libya and Nigeria. (see links below) 
Will South Africans listen? I doubt it. They prefer to play the”hate “game. Hate the whites, hate the blacks, hate the English, hate the Indians, hate the coloureds, there is so much hate to choose from. And blinded by their love of “hating” the other, our country will be destroyed. 
mandela-nelson-mandela-400So much for Mandela’s legacy. They have forgotten.
But I am shouting in the wind.
Perhaps if the South African media actually did their job and exposed these “color revolutions”and international banking and corporate  scams for what they are and how they can destroy our country, maybe South Africans would be educated as to the real threat in front of them instead of wasting their time screaming and shouting about Nkandla. 


John Perkins Interview: 
George Soros False Flag Factories
The People Versus Goldman Sachs 


The Assault on the Rand: Kevin Wakeford and the Battle to Save a Currency
Boko Haram
Of Interest 



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