Mike Pence: Confront The Russian Bear, Impose A No-Fly Zone In Syria

Wait a minute. I thought Trump was the guy who would mend fences with Russia. If you can believe Camp Hillary, Trump is best buds with Vladimir Putin. He’s a sucker for Russian aggression.Mike Pence put all of that to rest during his “debate” with Tim Kaine.

by Kurt Nimo, Activist Post: 

mike-pence-mike-penceHillary Clinton’s top priority when she became secretary of state was the Russian reset. After the Russian reset, the Russians invaded Ukraine and took over Crimea. The small and bullying the leader of Russia is now dictating terms to the United States to the point where all the United States of America, the greatest nation on Earth, just withdraws from talk about a cease-fire while that a mere Putin puts a missile defense in Syria while he marshaled the forces and begins — look, we have got to lean into this with strong, broad-shouldered American leadership that begins by rebuilding our military…

Pence sounds a lot like the neocons and the humanitarian interventionists. “The United States of America needs to begin to exercise strong leadership to protect the vulnerable citizens in over 100,000 children in Aleppo.”

About Aleppo and Syria, I truly do believe that what America ought to do is immediately establish Safe Zones so that families with children can move out of those areas, work with our Arab partners real-time, right now to make that happen. The provocations by Russia need to be met by American strength. If Russia continues to be involved in this barbaric attack on civilians in Aleppo, the US needs to be prepared to strike military targets of the Assad regime, to prevent them from this humanitarian crisis taking place in Aleppo.

There is a broad range of other things we ought to do as well. We should deploy a missile defense shield to the Czech Republic and Poland, which had Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pulled back on…

I understand why you want to change the subject and let me be clear on this Russians thing. What we are dealing with is — there is an old proverb that says the Russian bear never dies, but hibernates. This foreign policy from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has awakened a Russian aggression that first appeared a few years ago with their move into Georgia and Crimea and into the wider Middle East. All we do now is full of our arms and say, “We are not having talks anymore.” We need to marshal the resources of our allies in the region and end the immediate — we need to act and act now to get people out of harm’s way…

The safe zones would have to be, as the senator said, there is a framework that has been recognized by the international community, but the United States needs to be prepared to work with others in the region to create a route for safe passage, and to protect people in those areas, including with a no-fly zone.

For those who believe Trump will end the wars, it’s time for a reality check.

Trump and Hillary are on the same page.

Mike Pence just gave us a preview of what we can expect if Donald Trump is elected.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Infowars.com.

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3 thoughts on “Mike Pence: Confront The Russian Bear, Impose A No-Fly Zone In Syria

  1. Nothing matters. The POTUS is a mere spokesman for the decision-makers behind the scenes. US voters can pick out of hundreds of bagels and TV-channels. But they can only vote Clump.


    • Mike is consistent in his catholic drive to kill off the enemy. [Source] Wikipedia added one last sentence to his page:

      “Two weeks prior to the NATO intervention in Libya, Pence thanked the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for their efforts to isolate the Gaddafi regime.[211][212][213] Pence expressed support for “a no-fly zone” and stated that “Gaddafi must go.”

      Nothing new under the sun, keep voting, American “people”!


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