Urgent! MSM Syria Lies Need to Be Exposed… Before It’s Too Late

The world once again finds itself hurtling to the brink of war, and once again the establishment mouthpiece puppet propaganda media is leading the charge. This time around their lies defy description. In the sick world of the would-be warmongers, child beheading terrorist scum are now the heroes. The blood of the innocents that spill from here on in covers the hands of the mainstream media propagandists.

from James Corbett: 

CIA Rebels Behead Kid And Other U.S. Successes in Syria

Syria conflict: Boy beheaded by rebels ‘was fighter’

Daily Press Briefing – August 3, 2016 (video)

Daily Press Briefing – August 3, 2016 (transcript)

Original (now deleted) Channel 4 report

Channel 4’s Deleted Video Normalising Child Beheaders, al-Zenki

England’s Channel 4 News featuring “moderate” war criminals

We Have to Talk About the Boy in the Ambulance…

Christoph Germann – Aleppo in a nutshell

WW3? How the Ceasefire in #Syria broke down

CrossTalk: White Helmets, Really?

George Soros blasts Putin for Russian actions in Syria

Russia Warns US Airstrikes On Syrian Army Would Lead To War, Air Defenses Are Active

Russia Threatens To Shoot Down US Jets

Wicker Outlines Administration’s Failures in Syria

Only SEVEN people BTL support Guardian’s fact-free White Helmets editorial

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One thought on “Urgent! MSM Syria Lies Need to Be Exposed… Before It’s Too Late

  1. well done to you -a voice for the truth and decency and humanity .
    channel 4 news is pure evil-over the years I have written to them many times complaining-just a few weeks ago their newsreader was stating repeatedly that all trump voters were racists -they are sick and cruel and relish insulting the poor and victims and the vulnerable – they are pro feminazi and pro islamist and very pro the establishment -hence a small herd of idiots with zero integrity and no usable i.q. have all landed themselves plum jobs for life in the lying industry .

    the usa sent a group of politicians and notables to Syria in summer as did the house of lords and both groups held public forums to expose the full on total lying msm narrative and both camps declared “stop the lying ” and both called Syria an American invasion using the American trained and funded isis to invade the only secular and democratic country in the middle east and many would argue the only liberal muslim regime on earth .
    the pipeline is the cause as is well known and well reported online but not in the msm .
    the same isis child raping and torturing cannibals who were used to destroy Libya and they even used islamists in Egypt to destroy the military regime but failed -just as they also failed in turkey and Tunisia -but of course they were successful in Iraq and Afghanistan .
    that’s a slightly simplistic summary -but that’s the reality .
    9 out of 10 Syrians fleeing the violence run to the govt side and no discrimination exists on the govt side-Christians and athiests and muslims and the other factions all live in complete harmony .
    and the chemical weapons used in Syria were probably only ever used bythe rebels /America who shipped them from Europe to turkey and then into Syria -just like the murder of the 100 Syrian soldiers and the convey bombing -both were evil false flag events and so were all or most of the chemical attacks -all kept wonderfully secret in the west by our msm Satanists -like those at channel 4 news .

    the enemy of channel 4 news is the truth and democracy and human rights and the working class majority and the poor and vulnerable and the victims .
    not only were they vile and anti brexit and accused all brexit voters of being racists -but they never reported a single story about the American election-all the huge stories online about cannibalism and vote rigging and elitism and corruption and paedophilia etc etc -so none of the WikiLeaks email revelations were covered -although they were evidence from the govt itself and contained the most serious truths imaginable -but channel 4 campaigned harder than any other channel in the uk or America for the Clinton camp -because channel 4 news is funded via the bbc and the govt and thus us the tax payers and that’s why they are ultra elitist and pro uncontrolled immigration and pro religious extremism and that is why theyhate the majority of the uk and usa populations -the majority working class and poor .

    I hope far more people spread the word about Syria -I have written thanking several americans who went their in summer -the peace committee or something similar and I have also written thanking the members of the house of lords who went there too -I have also stopped watching the msm news coverage of Syria entirely for the last 4 months now and I am very sceptical and careful when I watch the msm generally as the lies they tell are across the spectrum on every subject virtually .
    kindest regards steve


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