Gordon Duff’s October Surprise

White_House_3c16016u-1024x515From the Editor: Every US Presidential election Gordon Duff waits until October and then he presents an “October Surprise”of his own. It is always well researched with information that nobody else is talking about and everyone is ignoring. Considering all the Clinton bashing that has gone on and the email links it is fair to put in a major Trump bash. Politicians are never who they appear to be and the last person they are really working for is the voting public. They always answer to other interests. To quote Duff:

“There is one inexorable truth about Trump and this is his relationship with Roy Cohn. However, there is more to it than the story of a spoiled rich boy; everything about Trump, aside from his inherited cash is really about Roy Cohn. Ever since Cohn made his bones setting up the Rosenbergs as fall guys for the nuclear spy ring we now know that he ran, a tale tying together the Zionist extremists who built Israel to the Kosher Mafia that founded and ran the Soviet Union.”

What is important about Gordon’s October surprise is the historical context and the background as to how Trump launched his empire and which friends he had in order to help him do it. Politics is always dirty no matter which side of the backyard alley you are standing. And the question remains, who are his backers and friends today if this is how he launched his career?

In summary regarding Trump and Roy Cohn: 

The first building that Trump built in New York was what is now the Grand Hyatt near Central Station. Here is how Cohn fixed it for Trump:

By this time, Trump was in the thick of trying to make the first major move of his business career—the ambitious refurbishment of the crumbling Commodore hotel in the then-down-and-out area around Grand Central station. Trump wanted to turn it into a lavish Grand Hyatt, and did. The only way he was able to do it, though, was an unprecedented 40-year, $400-million tax abatement from the city. And the only way he got it was Cohn. Cohn had been tagged as “a legal executioner” in a 1978 piece in Esquire. The meticulously reported and roundly unflattering profile prompted Cohn to call the writer, Ken Auletta, who was amazed to hear Cohn ask if he could buy 100 copies. “One of the most reptilian characters I’ve ever met,” Auletta told me. For the Hyatt deal, Cohn called upon his deep relationships with the mayor, Abe Beame, and one city hall staffer, Stanley Friedman, who practically singlehandedly pushed through the last approvals and then promptly went to work for Cohn’s law firm.

If the race case was Trump’s introduction to Cohn, and the prenup a blending of the personal and professional, the Grand Hyatt was a master class.

“Cohn’s exploitation of Friedman to secure the Commodore booty was an unforgettable lesson for Donald,” Barrett later wrote, “exposing him to the full reach of his mentor’s influence and introducing him to the netherworld of sordid quid pro quos that Cohn ruled. This almost ritualistic initiation not only inducted Donald into the circle of sleaze that engulfed Cohn, the bountiful success of it transferred the predatory values and habits Cohn embodied to his yearning understudy.”

Cohn, the New York Daily News said in 1979, was “the city’s preeminent manipulator,” a “one-man network of contacts that have reached into City Hall, the mob, the press, the Archdiocese, the disco-jet set, the courts and the backrooms of the Bronx and Brooklyn where judges are made and political contributions arranged.”

[source : ‘He Brutalized For You’, Politico, http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/04/donald-trump-roy-cohn-mentor-joseph-mccarthy-213799, 8th April 2016

Cohn fixed this massive deal for Trump around the same time that Son of Sam David Berkowitz was attending child sex parties for a CIA satanic cult in Cohn’s house.

How was Cohn able to get Trump a 40-year, $400-million tax abatement from the city of New York when New York City at the time was in deep financial dire straits and facing bankruptcy?

And what did Cohn expect to get back from Trump? Or perhaps the question should be, what did Cohn’s friends expect to get back from Trump?

And of Trump Tower:

Cohn helped Trump get a $20-million tax abatement for Trump Tower, which was built almost entirely of concrete, at a time when the New York concrete industry was controlled by various mob associates, who played nice with Trump thanks to his go-to go-between. “I knew Trump quite well,” John Cody, a key concrete boss, said in Barrett’s book. “Donald liked to deal with me through Roy Cohn.”

Cohn was apparently Trump’s greatest friend:

Hanging on the wall in Cohn’s office was a photo of Trump, according to Gary Belis, the former director of public relations for Fortune magazine, and Trump had signed it. “To Roy,” he had written. “My greatest friend. Donald.”

Who was Cohn and what connection did he have with J.Edgar Hoover, the Kennedy Assassination and the Bush crime family syndicate?

This is a long read, but very worthwhile and puts a lot of pieces together as well as exposing some of the characters who really run American politics.

Did Donald Trump kill the Kennedys?

For Gordon Duff’s 2012 October Surprise see:

Romney Leaks: Drugs, Blood Diamonds and a Cuban Mistress



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