On The Wrong Side Of History!!- Interview with Mike Harris Press TV

Hello everyone, This is about as blunt as and straightforward as I can speak. The bottom line is the USA is on the wrong side of history. Please be sure to watch the Press Tv interview below. This goes back to the murder of JFK, when the Military Industrial Complex (aka the Khazarian Mafia) conducted a public execution and coup de tat in broad daylight, and we the American People believed the BS we were fed on television. The result was radical social change and the fraudulent Vietnam War.

by Mike Harris, Veterans Today: 

Fast forward to 9-11, again another public execution, this time of over 3000 American citizens, to get us to accept the hoax of the war on terror. The result was massive social change, yes, we lost many of our GOD given civil rights and we accepted 2 simultaneous fraudulent wars, Iraq and Afghanistan. The American taxpayer got stuck with the $7 trillion bill, and no benefit from the expenditures.

Fast forward again to the transition from Bush to Obama, remember when Bush warned Obama, not pull out of Iraq?? Yes, Bush warned Obama that the Military Industrial Complex was not done feeding from the carcass of Iraq.

Fast forward again to today, the USA is supplying ISIS with arms, munitions, and material support for the terrorists. The liberation of Aleppo is at hand, the defeat of the USA and allies mercenary army of terrorists is at hand.

The Syrian Army is actively defeating the terrorist mercenary army, ask yourself why? Because they are a sovereign people who are defending their country, their people and their culture from savages who wish to rape and pillage their homeland. The terrorist army will never win, no matter how much the USA and it’s allies spend to fund the terrorist Army.

The best we can hope for in this country is regime change. We allowed this to happen to the USA. Granted we have been lied to and deceived on a grand scale. The truth is out of the bag and spreading like wild fire. The Military Industrial Complex (Khazarian Mafia) cannot put the Genie back in the bottle. The sleeping giant of the American Public is awake, and the giant is angry.

With the upcoming election, we have another chance for the peaceful transition of power, don’t blow it. If we lose this chance for regime change, the USA as we know it, will exist only as a memory.

I can’t tell anyone what to do or who to vote for, but we need radical regime change in this country, at every level from the local school board to the Oval office. Follow your conscience and vote with your heart and intuition, but get out and vote!!!

Read More @ Veterans Today.com


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