Stop the Avaaz petition for a “no fly zone” in Syria



Avaaz is beating it’s war drums once again – this time in Syria. Let’s send them a message that we don’t want this ! Over a million and a half of you signed their petition for a no fly zone. But, that petition was sent out to 40 million Avaaz members. If I had Avaaz’s email list, I’ll bet I could get millions to sign this petition against a “no fly zone”.

There is currently a CIA and State Department propaganda offensive to put pressure on Russia. This appears to be an alternative to Obama’s reluctance to further escalate US support for the Syrian rebels, now viewed as a lost cause, which of course the CIA armed in the first place.

There is a split within the Obama Administration. Realizing that the non‐ISIS rebels are now inseparable from the dominant Al Nusra Front (Al Qaeda), the Secretary of Defense and the CIA now want to drag Russia and Iran into a quagmire by prolonging the Syrian civil war. The former acting CIA director Michael Morell said exactly that, in a recent interview with Charlie Rose. After billions of dollars in arms and training to support the rebel’s regime change cause, this is now their plan B, to salvage something from their years of futility. They have made the decision not to escalate the arms shipments, but rather escalate the propaganda.

By restarting their “no fly zone” campaign at the exact same time last week as numerous Neocon pundits and publications ramped up their calls for it, I believe that Avaaz has intentionally joined this current propaganda offensive and has adopted a Neocon agenda, which it keeps hidden from its 40 million members.

What does this tell you about Avaaz, that they would join in on the propaganda , and could be fooled so easily? Keep in mind that Avaaz also sponsored a petition under similar circumstances in 2011, that was a major factor for bringing us the “no fly zone” for Libya. And here they go again, right on queue !

Over a million of you out there signed that Libya petition in 2011 ! I’ll bet now, you wish you had not signed that !

The vast majority of the rebels within East Aleppo are Al Nusra Front (Al Qaeda), according to DOD Col Steve Warren, at a press briefing in April.

And the other rebels there have refused to separate themselves from Al Nusra, as was agreed on with the latest ceasefire. If the remaining civilians, who are mostly extended family of the rebels, want to leave that war zone they are free to do so, as Russia has repeatedly offered, and has established safe corridors last July to do so. The rebels are preventing civilians from leaving.

The Avaaz petition relies on an argument about “protecting the civilians” in East Aleppo. But, all they have is the word of the “white helmets” for that figure of 200,000 civilians still living there. East Aleppo is now a ghost town. At least 600,000 civilians moved over into West Aleppo years ago because they wanted to live under a secular government, not Al Qaeda. The “white helmets” are nothing but Al Qaeda rebels wearing white helmets, which operate exclusively in rebel territory. Their leader was recently prevented from entering the United States because he is on our terrorist watch list. (see the links below).

Are we supposed to take a chance on a war with Russia based on this? CLICK HERE TO SIGN

Avaaz also appears to have a major conflict of interest. A major international public relations firm called Purpose Inc. has a very large contract to promote favorable publicity for the Syrian rebels and promote regime change. Their CEO is Jeremy Heimans, and he is also a co‐founder of Avaaz. Propose Inc. is being paid a lot of money by someone. That Propose PR contract began in the Spring of 2014, and they created an organization called The Syrian Campaign. And that organization then partnered with the “white helmets”, operating in the field, to provide propaganda for western media. Now, Mr. Heimans currently does not work at Avaaz, but, his friends and former like minded associates certainly do.

One must admit that this connection to the PR firm does look very suspicious ! And so, one must ask, is the Avaaz “no fly zone” petition part of a massive PR campaign trying to save the civilians of East Aleppo, or is it really just trying to save the Al Qaeda rebels in East Aleppo so that they can prolong the civil war? I would imagine that Mr. Heimans would very much like the latter option for his PR client, who supports the Al Qaeda rebels.‐steps‐of‐highly‐effective‐manipulators/.

You remember Al Qaeda, right ? The group that attacked us on 9/11 fifteen years ago ? Right? I thought we were supposed to be fighting them, not providing a “no fly zone” for them!

A No fly zone is exactly what the Neocons have wanted all along, so that they can carry out their latest regime change, following the Iraq and Libya blueprints, where the “no fly zone” worked quite well to accomplish their goal.

Syria has been on the regime change target list of Israel and it’s Neocon supporters since it appeared on their Project For A New American Century target list 20 years ago. Iraq, Iran and Libya were also on that target list too.

What we need is a petition to stop the CIA and The Saudis from sending arms to the rebels! The death toll is now 400,000, with two million refugees knocking on Europe’s door and another 6 million displaced regionally.

The Saudi’s, who are mostly responsible for this catastrophe, have not taken in a single refugee !

How about a petition for that?

And … where was Avaaz’s petition in the summer of 2014 to stop Israel from bombing Gaza and killing 2,200 civilians, including 500 children? All we heard back then was the mantra ‐‐ “Israel has the right to defend itself”.

Doesn’t Syria have a right to defend itself?

The Avaaz leadership ….Alice, Mais, Ricken, Nick, Mohammad, Marigona …. what are you thinking? Are you just trying to set the Middle East on fire, to further the Neocon cause?

And, I don’t suppose Avaaz noticed the Russian aircraft carrier that just appeared in the Mediterranean in the last few days?

Avaaz needs to read something other than the New York Times and Washington Post, the articles cited in support of their petition. Remember 15 years ago the front page articles by Judith Miller about nonexistent WMD’s in Iraq? Back then, it was “curveball” providing the fake information to Judith Miller. Now, we have the discredited “white helmets” providing the front page propaganda.

Don’t get fooled again folks. CLICK HERE TO SIGN

Avaaz has disabled some of the links below, because they just can’t stand the truth. However, you can copy and paste them into your browser. Just select the text and “right click” and “open link in new page”. This will take you to the correct web site, even though it will say “page not found“. But, the articles are still there. You will need to search within that site to find the articles. Go to their “home“. All of these sites below have their own little search window.


The ongoing media propaganda war against Syria:


The US supported ALL of the rebel groups as early as 2012 as the DIA intelligence report from 2012, which is cited below, shows. This support included Al Qaeda groups as well as the precursor to what later became ISIS. Back then, the report describes all of these groups as “strategic assets”, to be used by both the US and The Saudis for regime change.

Even Robert Ford, the US Ambassador who was out in the streets of Damascus organizing demonstrations against Assad back in 2011, has now abandoned ship, as the following article shows:

Philip Gordon, Obama’s former Middle East adviser, has also changed his mind about regime change.

Want to find out who the “white helmets” really are?


General Wesley Clark says all of these regime change wars were planned from day one !

Here are your tax dollars at work folks. This video shows the CIA supported rebels in East Aleppo executing Syrian Army soldiers who had been defending a hospital in East Aleppo. This video is for adults only!



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