“John Kerry is a propagandist liar” – Jimmy Dore blasts US policy of lies in Syria [Video]

How could the US be fighting ISIS and Assad at the same time? Jimmy Dore poignantly highlights US Secretary of State John Kerry’s hypocrisy in this 11 minute video below. Dore also does something very rare, that you do not see very often from US political pundits…he presents the Russian position described in detailed by President Vladimir Putin speech.

from The Duran: 

Kerry said Russia’s alleged bombing of hospitals in Syria should be investigated for war crimes.

Kerry however fails to provide evidence of such bombings, and also fails to point out that Russia, Syria and Iran are fighting US-Saudi backed Al Qaeda-ISIS terrorists in East Aleppo.

“We have been bombing Afghanistan for 15 years, 5 more years we get a gold watch. And this motherfu**er has the balls to stand up there ands wag his finger at someone else.”

“You bomb hospitals all the time on purpose John…the United States. And you also bomb wedding parties, and funerals, and innocent people…all the time and you don’t give a f***in sh** about it John.. Because you are a hypocrite and a warmonger.”


Read More @ The Duran.com


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