The Destabilization of African Agriculture: USAID Brings Deadly GMO Seeds To Northern Nigeria

Nigerians should be very careful with what is being proposed by USAID to Northern governors because USAID is illegally distributing GMO seeds (deceptively called improved seedlings) to IDPs to plant so that Monsanto and its partners will capture the food security of the Northeast of Nigeria. The GMOs do not replicate (i.e. they undermine the reproduction of the agricultural cycle) so that after the first planting seasons the biotech agribusiness conglomerates will capture the seed chain supply first as aid and then they will own the  entire food security of Nigeria.

by Dr. Philip Njemanze, Global Research: 

GMO_Monsanto_cuts_workforceThe problem is that it has not been understood that the biotechnology companies are the main sponsors of Boko Haram hired to drive away farmers and replace their crops with GMO seeds and permanently enslave and impoverish Nigeria.

According to the Kissinger Maxim “Control the food and you control the people”.

The ignorance and naivety of some leaders is what is permitting this. There is a realisation of this by the Federal government hence the US government is making desperate efforts to sideline the FG. The Press must inform Nigerians. The Minister of FMARD Audu Ogbeh must be resolute that we do not plant these GMO crops.

In a joint conference of experts of Christian and Islamic Scientists under the Nigerian Inter-Religious Council (NIREC), this matter was declared to be of urgent NATIONAL SECURITY!

Academician Prof Dr Philip Njemanze MD Chairman Global Prolife Alliance. Nigeria

Thanks to Vladimir Ivanenko for bringing this text to our attention

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