Caught On Tape: ISIS Destroys Abrams Tank With Anti-Tank Missile

With so much chatter about ‘cyber-war’, we thought a gentle reminder of what real ‘kinetic-war’ looks like… A Russian-made anti-tank missile reportedly obliterated a US-made Abrams tank involved in the offensive on the terrorist-held city of Mosul, Iraq. Footage of the alleged incident was released by ISIS’ propaganda channel.

[Editor’s note: These are weapons that have been supplied to them by Saudi Arabia and Qatar through the US, UK and other European arms manufacturers. It would seem that Syria and Iraq are a testing ground for both the “terrorists”and weaponary in a planned later offensive using Islamic extremists for  future ground forces entering into Russia through Georgia, the Caucasus and Ukraine where Islamic extremists have already been fighting on the side of the Kiev Junta against eastern Ukraine in the Donbass region.]

from Zero Hedge: 

The Abrams M1 main battle tank was hit from behind with a 9M133 Kornet anti-tank missile at the Qurayyah crossroads south of Mosul, said the IS-affiliated Amaq news agency.

As RT reports, ATGM Kornet missiles were first used by the Iraqi Army in 2014 when five IS armored vehicles were destroyed in the central province of Diyala.

But, as the jihadists captured more areas in Iraq, Kornet stockpiles may have been seized by Islamists.

Read More @ Zero

And if you have been wondering why Russia has been bombing since September 2015 with continuous air raids, it is not only on the surface where terrorist activity goes on, underground bases are more difficult to flush out thoughout Syria as well. :





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