This IS NOT A Rhetorical Statement: Italian earthquakes were retribution for anti-Jewish UNESCO vote – Israeli deputy minister

[ Katherine Frisk note: Only somebody with their head in the sand does not know about geo-engineering and creating “Earthquakes” as a form of weather warfare. Highly recommended for anyone still in the dark, please watch: Angles Don’t Play This HAARP. Other instances of similar occurrences are the tsunami in Sumatra where the northern part of the country wanted independence and control of the largest gas reserves in the world. Chevron saw otherwise. The tsunami wiped out the large majority of the population in the region and the fight for independence and control over their own resources was immediately dropped. Other examples are the earthquakes that rocked the Pacific region in 2011 and 2012, including Christchurch in New Zealand and Fukushima in Japan. As Obama himself said, the US has ways and means of making other nations see things their way. Behind it was arm twisting for the Pivot To Asia and the signing of the TPP agreements and to stop Japan’s plans for joining the BRICS and the AIIB alliances. 

In all probability this statement by Ayoob Kara that ” Italian earthquakes were retribution for anti-Jewish UNESCO vote –”is not rhetorical but factual and accurate.

Turkey was hit by similar earthquakes in 2011 due to their support for the Gaza flotilla raid in 2010 when ” the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (İHH), was carrying humanitarian aid and construction materials, with the intention of breaking the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip….. nine activists were killed including eight Turkish nationals and one Turkish American, and many were wounded. On 23 May 2014, a tenth member of the flotilla died in hospital after being in a coma for four years.[5] Ten of the commandos were also wounded, one of them seriously.”

As regards the so-called first Temple in Jerusalem, there is no archaeological evidence that it was ever built while the stories of King Solomon appear to have been plagiarized from Egyptian texts and the real temple and the real king in question was Amenhotep III. The establishment of a monarchy broke the Covenant while the Judaic line of succession appears to have gone from David, who researchers have concluded was a very minor chieftain to Rehoboam.

As regards the second temple, it was a) Of a pagan design and not in keeping with the dimensions of the Tabernacle. b) The money lenders broke the laws of Moses and practiced usury. c) It proved to be a money-making slaughter-house where the blood of animal sacrifices overflowed and ran down the street. d) The Wailing Wall that remains today was not part of the temple but part of the Herod’s fortress palace. e) The Mosque is not built on the “temple mount” as is presumed but on the location of Herod’s fortress. f) This temple was never connected to Israel prior to the the period of kings, and it was never connected to the Northern Kingdom of Israel but only to the southern Kingdom of Judea when the Hebrews in the north refused to pay homage to a Judaic king and instead inaugurated kings from the line of Joseph and his sons Ephraim and Mannasheh, the ancestors of Joshua who established Israel in the promised land when they crossed the river Jordan and Shiloh came, which was the first capital  of Israel in the north, not in Judea. 

For a full inquiry into this subject see: Greater Israel and the Tale of Two Temples ]


jerusalem-imagesfrom RT:
Two earthquakes, which struck Italy this week, were “retribution” for the country’s support of the UNESCO resolution disregarding the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, Israeli Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara said.

“I’m sure that the earthquake happened because of the UNESCO decision,” Kara, a member of the ruling Likud Party, wrote in a memo, Ynetnews website reported.

Ironically, the Israeli politician was on a state visit to the Vatican when the quakes hit central Italy on Wednesday, killing one and injuring 10 people.

Earlier the same day, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), passed a resolution criticizing Israel for its handling of the holy site in Jerusalem – called Temple Mount by Jews, and Haram al-Sharif by Muslims.

The document was adopted after heated debate over its wording, and particularly the Arabic names used in the document. Italy was among the nations voting in favor of the resolution.

Israel blasted UNESCO and its Arab members for trying to undermine Jewish connections to the holy site.

Kara arrived in the Vatican in a fruitless effort to avert the resolution, but still managed to have a small chat with the leader of the Catholic Church.

According to Kara, Pope Francis “strongly disagreed” with the resolution.

“He (the Pope) even said publicly that the holy land is connected to the Nation of Israel,” the deputy minister stressed.

As for surviving the natural disaster, the Israeli politician said that “going through the earthquake was not the most comfortable of experiences, but we trusted that the Holy See would keep us safe.”

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