Video Medley: ISIS (Daesh) Iraq Mosul-Raqqa Syria, Historical Background And Updates


Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS

In this episode of Truth in Media, Ben Swann explores the origin of ISIS that has already been long forgotten by American media. Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by “inaction” by the United States government or by “direct” action.

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

Here’s something you probably never saw or heard about in the west. This is Putin answering questions regarding ISIS from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club in late 2014.


Incredible: Man Survives an ISIS Massacre [WARNING-GRAPHIC VIOLENCE] | The New York Times

Published on Sep 3, 2014

ISIS massacred hundreds of Iraqi military recruits in June. Ali Hussein Kadhim survived. This is his improbable story.

Mideast Christian persecution reaches new levels only to get worse 2015 Breaking News

1 1/2 Million displaced Mideast Christian persecution reaches new levels only to get worse beheadings, Prison, torture, and rape used against Christians worldwide August 14 2015 Breaking News

ISIS: Sex Slaves

In August 2014 ISIS stormed the city of sinjar, killing up to 5000 Yazidi men and taking 2000 Yazidi women as sex slaves. We travel to the refugee camps in northern iraq to meet those women who have managed to escape from the clutches of ISIS.


Mosul battle: Priest returns to his church and home in Bartella

Kurdish forces claim they’ve taken back the town of Bashiqa from so-called Islamic State – as their advance on Mosul continues. But what’s happening in the newly liberated towns? Two years ago we reported the story of Father John Tarachee, who was driven out of Bartella with his entire Christian flock. He’s been living as a refugee ever since. Our correspondent Jonathan Rugman returned with him to his home in Bartella in this exclusive report.

Iraqi Christian fighters raise the cross on the churches of Bartella after its liberation from ISIS

EXCLUSIVE – Iraq: Elite forces liberate the Christian village of Karamles en route to Mosul

FRANCE 24’s reporters follow an Iraqi armored column into the Christian village of Karamles, 15 kilometres east of Mosul, shortly after it is cleared of Islamic State (IS) group militants.

Iraqi forces advance from Bartella, Bashiqa fronts

Press TV’s Ali Musawi has given us the latest updates on advancements made by the Iraqi army against Daesh terrorists near Mosul. Let’s take a listen.

ISIS burned Mosul oil and sulfur factories to create a smoke screen from air forces

Self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) burned some 100 Mosul oil and sulfur factories in an attempt to create a smoke screen from air forces. Reportedly, the area is close to becoming an environmental disaster.


Exclusive: Iraqi forces score major gains south of Mosul

Government forces are advancing on the Daesh-held city of Mosul in northern Iraq. The Commander in Chief of Iraq’s Emergency Response Division says the country army and allied forces have liberated over 1,200 square kilometers of land in Mosul’s south since the beginning of the battle last week. The Iraqi troops are expected to launch a key offensive to liberate more key ground south of Mosul in the days to come.


Inside ISIS underground tunnels and bunkers in Mosul area

Note: Footage features pre-recorded voiceover released by CCTV.
Footage from underground tunnels and bunkers built by ISIS in Mosul area to survive heavy bombardments. Rooms seem to have electrical power, lamps, fridge, water, food and medicine supplies.

“Over 60 civilians killed in US-led air raids on Mosul”

Russia says US-led coalition airstrikes on residential areas of the Iraqi city of Mosul have killed more than 60 people in the past three days.
Rudskoi said the air raids targeted a school for girls in southern Mosul as well as other residential areas in the east of the city. The Russian general said Daesh terrorists continued to flee from the territory in Iraq to Syria. He said about 300 terrorists had already arrived in the city of Dayr al-Zawr from Mosul. Rudskoi said Russian planes were on patrol missions near the Syrian-Iraqi border to deliver strikes against terrorists.


Iraqi forces discover stockpile of ISIS weapons from Saudi Arabia & Turkey

Iraqi security forces have reported finding a cache of Turkish and Saudi weapons in Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) areas of Mosul. The Pentagon is reporting that at least 900 members of IS have so far been killed in the battle to retake the Iraqi city. RT correspondent Alex Mihailovich has the latest.


Daesh using Mosul civilians as human shields

The United Nations says Daesh has abducted tens of thousands of people, including women and children from around Mosul. The U-N warns that those people are to be used by the terror group as human shields in the face of an advancing Iraqi army.

A U-N human rights spokeswoman said Daesh has kidnapped nearly eight-thousand families and transferred them to areas near its military installations. Ravina Shamdasani added that only on Wednesday, Daesh killed more than 230 former Iraqi security forces and civilians who refused to comply with orders. This comes as the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Unit is prepared to launch an offensive against Daesh after moving from Qayyarah toward Tal Afar, a stronghold of the terror group.

Russia, Iran, Syria vow more anti-terror cooperation

The foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Syria have pledged to expand trilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism and extremism. Russia’s top diplomat said the three countries re-affirmed support for Syria’s territorial integrity. He said foreign-backed opposition groups sabotaged Aleppo ceasefire by blocking civilians from exiting the city through humanitarian corridors. Sergei Lavrov stressed that militants are using civilians in Aleppo as human shields.

US-led coalition preparing Raqqa assault, says Carter

According to US Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s latest statement, the US has been so encouraged by its Mosul operation, it’s gearing up to take Raqqa from ISIS. RT crosses live to Bassam Abuabdallah, Professor of political sciences at Damascus University, to discuss the issue.

“US wants to move Daesh from Mosul to Raqqah”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Moscow is working with Iraqi and American partners to prevent Daesh terrorists’ movement from the Iraqi city of Mosul to Syria. Lavrov made the remarks in a press conference with his Iranian and Syrian counterparts in Moscow. They pledged to expand their cooperation in fighting terrorism and extremism. For his part, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem said the US wants to move Daesh terrorists from Mosul to the terror group’s de facto capital in Syria, Raqqah. He stressed that the US-led coalition is not fighting Daesh but rather aims at destroying Syria’s infrastructure. Muallem also noted that Damascus has confidence in Moscow and Tehran’s efforts to resolve the Syria crisis. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said fighting terrorism needs a global political will.







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