Palestine And Lebanon: The Answer Is Simple- UN Resolution 242 (Videos)

Israel must annex West Bank settlements if UNSC adopts Palestinian resolution – education minister

Israel should declare sovereignty over the occupied territories in the West Bank, which is home to Israeli settlers, if the UN adopts any Security Council resolution further condemning illegal settlement activity, Israel’s education minister said.

Michel Aoun: No efforts to be spared to retake lands from Israel

The Lebanese parliament has elected Christian politician and former army chief and general Michel Aoun as the country’s new leader. Speaking after his election, Aoun said he will not spare any efforts to liberate Lebanese land from Israel’s occupation.

Aoun also said Lebanon’s political stability is his priority. He stressed that Lebanon should remain away from conflicts on its border. Aoun, a staunch ally of Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah, was the sole candidate in the election during which he secured 83 out of 127 votes at parliament. The leader of the Free Patriotic Movement has already received the blessing of rival Christian politician Samir Gea’gea and head of the Saudi-backed March 14 Alliance, Sa’ad al-Hariri. Hariri is expected to become prime minister and form a new cabinet. 81 year-old Aoun has replaced ex-president Michel Suleiman whose term ended in 2014.




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