Videos: Iraq Mosul Updates

Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units have managed to liberate ten villages near the Daesh-held city of Mosul.
The gain was made only hours after the popular forces began their part of the offensive aimed at regaining Mosul from the terrorist group. The troops which are also know by their Arabic name Hashd al-Sha’abi are now trying to free the town of Tal Afar sixty kilometers west of Mosul. The commanders of the Popular Mobilization Units say the volunteer forces will not enter Mosul itself. The units are tasked with securing the western border with Syria in order to prevent Daesh terrorists from fleeing to Iraq’s Western neighbor.

The gains by popular forces were made as the Iraqi army fought Daesh in the south front of the battle for Mosul. The government troops retook the town of Shura during the fighting. The long-awaited operation to liberate Mosul began last week. Iraq’s Kurdish Peshmerga forces are assisting the army. The offensive is expected to be a tough one as Daesh has already put up a stiff resistance. Analysts say the liberation of Mosul will be the de facto end of Daesh in Iraq.


Iraq’s Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi has called on Daesh terrorists in the city of Mosul to surrender as Iraqi forces surround the flashpoint city.Abadi made the remarks while visiting the front line near Mosul. The Iraqi forces entered the city on Monday after over two weeks of fighting and clearing of surrounding areas. Officials say terrorists are using car bombs to stop the army’s advance. Meanwhile, the counter-terrorism unit has resumed its offensive on the eastern front after a brief pause. Separately, the Popular Mobilization Units attacked Daesh positions in the west of Mosul while continuing their advance from the south. According to Iraqi sources, the army has liberated more than a hundred villages and districts around Mosul since the launch of the operation on October 17.

Iraqi Special Forces have launched an assault on a Mosul district as part of their operation to liberate the city from Daesh Takfiri terrorists. Army officials say the troops are advancing in the city while the terrorists try to stop them with rocket-propelled grenades. The battle is underway near a residential neighborhood named Gog-jali in Mosul’s southeast. Fighting is also raging on in the south west of the city, where Popular Mobilization Forces are battling Daesh. They managed to recapture another village on Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, the Iraqi prime minister has called on the terrorists in Mosul to surrender.

Iraqi forces have made a significant gain against Daesh terrorists in the battle to liberate the key city of Mosul. The troops have managed to enter the government’s TV station building in the city. This is the first important building to be retaken by the Iraqi fighters. The army has attacked Daesh terrorists in Mosul from different sides in a bid to make them surrender. The terrorists however try to impede the operations through planting mines and firing rocket-propelled grenades. Fighting is also raging on in the southwest of the city, where Popular Mobilization Forces are battling Daesh. They managed to recapture another village on Tuesday morning. The Mosul offensive began in October 17. Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces are also assisting the army in the operation.






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