Podesta, Ping Pong And Piza

Pedophiles, Cannibals And Vampires

by Katherine Frisk


ping-pong-8ziyudOne of the biggest stories broke this past week, … the other one… the Podesta pedophile child abuse ring.

A lot of good people for many years have been trying to expose the abuse that children across the USA have and are being subjected to.

The better known Franklin Scandal always comes to mind, children shipped into the White House during the Bush administration for pedophile parties. But there are thousands of other stories that have been buried and covered up and many of these stories involve the film and music industry.

Two people come to mind. Heath Ledger who in his last film The “Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” exposed child trafficking through orphanages. He did not live to finish it and “committed suicide.” Another great talent lost.

Stanley Kubrick is another who “died” before his last film, “Eyes Wide Shut” could be screened. I hired it as a home movie one night. As memory serves me, I saw the so-called “scene “that was cut. I only discovered years later that all versions available had that particular part missing. It was short and if you blinked you could have missed it. It involved the woman who sacrificed herself for Tom Cruise subjecting herself to being the main course in a cannibalistic vampire rite.

For most people it takes a great amount of courage to even look into this stuff. It is so disturbing that they just walk away. Those involved in this type of behaviour are mentally deranged criminals feeding off a shock doctrine of sensationalism. No person in their right mind could even begin to think up these horrific scenarios which are regarded by the perpetrators as entertainment. No socially well adjusted human being would even consider devolving into such criminality which in the end is self destructive and of no benefit to anyone, least of all themselves.

ISIS_isisbeheadingAdd in the political aspect to this and that many of them are in positions of power, then war in general becomes just another part of their world view.

Groups like Daesh who have had the support of many of them, politicians, bankers. mercenaries, arms sales companies, and the videos that we saw plastered across the internet, the beheadings, the human trafficking, the rape of little children and the organ harvesting are only a further extension of their world view.

The microcosm of their inner world has reached out to the macrocosm internationally. Humanity has a virus that is now effecting every person on the planet.

spiritcooking-hqdefaultNow that the election is over perhaps we could return to what is a very urgent investigation.

One that will take guts and courage and one that you can be assured will not be properly looked into in any Main Stream Media coverage. If anything they will bend over backwards to keep all the facts hidden from public view.

When the Saville case broke in the UK, David Cameron was reticent about fully investigating it. His reasoning was that homosexuals, people sitting in parliament and doing a public service would be dragged out of the closet and subjected to public humiliation and homophobia.

What kind of excuse is this when all genders and sexual orientations are involved? Not only homosexuals. And so the story gets squashed at the expense of innocent children who are brought up and made to believe that this is what humanity looks like. They in turn often go on and repeat the same process and behaviours until as we see today, the situation has spun completely out of control.

baby-abortion1-342x342What is destroyed across the board is the family structure.

Loving, nurturing parents who are not mentally deranged criminals.

Add into this mix abortion on tap, where killing our own young is regarded in the equivalent light as some sort of ablution instead of murder.

We have completely forgotten about teaching family planning and birth control, that has been thrown out of the window. In the 21st Century there are so many options available that unwanted pregnancies are inexcusable and have more to do with irresponsibility than anything else. But then children today are not raised to be independent, self-reliant, responsible adults. Instead they are brainwashed with a “forever young”adolescent mentality which nutures total and unquestioning reliance on a nanny state.

Abortion has its place in situations where the mother’s life is in danger or the child will be born with deformities that will prevent it from living a full and abundant life. Instead young girls are taught that pregnancy is only a nuisance that can be easily disposed of.

Life itself is denigrated.

Death becomes a fashion statement and aborted babies turn into meat on the production line for organ harvesting, scientific experimentation and cosmetic products.

spiritcookingdasdaAnd so we go from abortion, to child sex abuse, to war and to organ harvesting.

We have become cannibals. But then that is also a fashion statement in “high society”it seems. Not only amongst politicians, bankers, mercenaries and the CEOs of corporations but right into western religious belief systems where the Roman Catholic Church has been a safe haven for pedophiles for centuries.

But then they drink the blood and eat the flesh of Jesus once a week in a cannibalistic ritual that has lasted for almost two thousand years. Is anyone surprised?

Further investigative research which I will not go into in any great depth here, is that the Last Supper was a Sabbath meal with bread and wine not the passover. There was no sacrificial lamb on the table to be equated with the later murder of a man on a cross. He was falsely accused and then killed by psychopathic, mentally deranged criminals. Instead of the blame and the burden being carried by them, they have turned the guilt around. This is called projection, mixing into it a good dose of original sin to top it all off.

The Council of Nicea has got lot to answer for. Eating the flesh and drinking the blood of another person is a pagan concept, it is neither Hebrew nor is it Christian. To do so and to teach others such a philosophy would be as sacrilegious as breaking the Covenant and installing a monarchy.

How could it not be sacrilegious when Abram, who practiced child sacrifice was prevented from murdering his own son? The “god”who told him to do it was Moloch, while it was the Lord who gave him a sheep instead and converted him away from pagan human sacrifice rituals in an area where people worshiped Moloch. Gehenna, the valley of the dead in Jerusalem.

The world really is in dire need of saving but the last thing that we need to save it right now, is another human sacrifice.

What begins as one persons story whether this be Abraham or Jesus, is corrupted through time, truth is turned on its head and what was once unacceptable becomes acceptable through textual corruption and subtle and often times subliminal persuasion. Abram is instead portrayed as a man willing to obey god and kill his son. Which god is this? I know of only one that demands human sacrifice. Jesus in turn is portrayed as the son of god who was sacrificed. Which god? No loving, intelligent and civilized god would demand or even expect such a thing. It is barbaric.

As Hollywood and the music industry is doing today. Bending the minds of the masses, turning them into fine young cannibals, pedophiles and sexual abusers. Anyone who opposes them is derided and mocked and pushed into a corner through the “socially acceptable” narratives, which are anything but as we saw with David Cameron and his reticence to fully investigate the Saville case.

spiritcooking-mqdefaultAs regards the Podesta case.

It will be up to everyone involved in Independent Media to expose the culprits and the horror that they impose on others and are imposing on themselves.

The subject matter is so uncivilized that those who dare to investigate it and have the courage to write about it will need support. From each other and from those who choose to read and watch their work in the interests of putting an end to this nightmare.

If Saville and the Vatican could be exposed, then so can these cases. But it is going to take a strong stomach and a certain frame of mind to walk through this valley of the shadow of death and come out the other side.

Thomas Sheridan has some good advice :





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