Israel And Trump And The Palestinian Question

Katherine Frisk: 

trump-donald_trump_august_19_2015_croppedThings are never as simple as they seem. And a change in policy does not just happen for no reason.

Previously Trump supported the Palestinian State but in recent months he has done a turnaround and supported Israel. Putin does not support illegal occupation of the West Bank and is supporting Syria which according to United Nations Resolution 242, the Golan Heights are to be handed back to Syria. Trump has now also extended a hand to Russia and to Putin in order to solve the Daesh/ ISIS terrorist issue, a complicated mess where many players have had a hand  including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Turkey, US, UK and I would like to add one more dark horse here… Germany.

Why have I added Germany into the mess? Recently I saw an email which I cannot verify, but if we take historic precedent as a yard stick to measure things by, is not out of the bounds of reality. You can read the full article here:

LEAKED! Official Agenda for the destruction of Germany

This article is written by an architect who is dying from cancer and confesses and comes clean about her activities in the last ten years. Her detractors have called her mentally unbalanced. Which might very well be the case, but then any whistlebower, as we have seen repeatedly, is always disparaged in any way possible and their credibility destroyed. So keep both possibilities in mind.

What she had to say was that she was involved in building underground bunkers all over Germany for the sole purpose of training Islamic extremists.Her description of these bunkers sound very much like brainwashing Black Sites, similar to CIA black sites around the world where Jihadists have been trained, the most well-known being Guantanamo Bay.

The war in Syria started in 2011 with Islamic extremists going through Turkey across the border into Aleppo where the engineered color revolution of the “Arab Spring” began.  But where did they all come from in the first place and as the Syria government has testified at the UN, the large majority of them are not Syrian but have been recruited from over 100 different countries around the world.

I put it to you that if the story of the underground bases in Germany is correct, then thousands of the Islamic extremists have been trained and brainwashed in Germany, transported to Turkey and then crossed over the border into Syria and started the war that we have seen that has been ongoing since 2011.

Hollywood as we know, often lets the cat out the bag…. what soon follows on is that those involved in the making of the film suddenly die. As I pointed out in Podesta, Ping Pong And Piza

“Heath Ledger who in his last film The “Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” exposed child trafficking through orphanages. He did not live to finish it and “committed suicide.” Another great talent lost…. Stanley Kubrick is another who “died” before his last film, “Eyes Wide Shut” could be screened.”

These people are either staging their own deaths and removing themselves from public scrutiny. Have been “suicided”in other words their deaths are real but it has been a murder, often using an over dose of drugs where murder is hard to prove. Or… they have really killed themselves. But if we look into the recent events of their lives, the last option becomes highly questionable.

Which is where I want to look at one Philip Seymour Hoffman. Shortly before he died he played the lead role in the film, A Most Wanted Man.  Before it could be released, he “died” from a drug overdose.

Hoffman plays the role of a spy in Germany fighting Al Qaeda and Islamic extremism. His two targets are Abdullah who reroutes funds to a shipping company acting as a front for Al-Qaeda. His other target is Issa Karpov  a political refugee from Chechnya that has had many terrorist attacks and who has been tortured by Russian security forces. Issa has inherited a lot of money from his father and wants to donate it to good causes for Islam. Hoffman puts the two together in the hope of flushing out the sharks at the top of this food chain in order to fight Islamic terrorism. In the end he is circumvented not only by the German security forces but by the American CIA. Both men are abducted by them and Hoffman’s mission is destroyed.

The film was released in 2014, the year Daesh/ ISIS/ ISIL suddenly appeared out of nowhere and tore a stream through Iraq and Syria. They also appeared in Ukraine when the civil war started in that country after a Soros engineered “color revolution”and an engineered coup which resulted in a civil war. They fought alongside the Nazi Bandera faction against the people of eastern Ukraine in the Donbass region. Again ask yourself where did these people come from? Thousands of them. Fully trained, equipped and funded. Underground Black Sites in Germany perhaps?

Now let’s go back in history for over 100 years. WW1, Germany and Turkey were in an alliance. The objective was to weaken Russia and get the British out of the Middle East so that the Turks and the Germans could establish oil pipelines from Iraq, through Syrian into Turkey and then into Europe with the final destination being Germany. But, the Balkans stood in the way, pro-Russian and Orthodox Christian. In Turkey the Armenians, Orthodox Christians and pro-Russian,  were subjected to a genocide overseen by the Germans.

In WW2 Germany and Turkey were again in an alliance with the same objective, to weaken Russia and take over the oil fields of the Middle East. They were also in alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi faction in Saudi Arabia. Prescott Bush in the USA was from Germany and supported Hitler and the Nazis. The Orthodox Christians in alliance with Russia in Greece and the Balkans were persecuted as are the Orthodox Christians in Syria today. Protestant and Orthodox Christians numbering over 12 million along with Jews were also persecuted in eastern Europe. The genocide was similar to the Armenian genocide except on a much larger scale.

Soros was a Hungarian Jew  who assisted the Nazis in WW2 against his own people. He has been a member of the Bilderberg group as is Kissinger. Both were senior advisors to George Bush senior, both Clintons and George Bush junior as is another Bilderberg member, Brzezinski, a Jesuit Nazi from Poland who moved to Canada during WW2 and later become one of the hidden hands is the US deep state. It was Brzeinski who put Obama ( Muslim Brotherhood) into the White House.

The Bilderberg group was founded by the pro-Nazi Dutch Royal family who have strong ties to Argentina where the current Jesuit pope comes from. The Bilderberg group founded the EU concept and has approved all US Presidents since the assassination of JFK by the CIA controlled by George Bush senior. Soros has been a major supporter of Clinton and anti Trump.  Both are supporters of war with Russia and the genocide in Ukraine that has gone on since 2014 against the pro-Russian and Russian speaking people of eastern Ukraine in the Donbass region who are mostly Orthodox Christians.

As for Israel who has been supporting Daesh/ ISIS/ISIL on the Golan Heights and illegally occupying it, sometimes the philosophy “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” can be detrimental to your health. These same Islamic extremists who Israel has been supporting, could just as easily turn on Israel itself. Iran and Hezbollah on the other hand, have been fighting Daesh/ ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

merkel-angela-merkel-re-l-300x200Now lets turn back to Trump and Putin, where part of Trump’s campaign was not to go to war with Russia and instead fight Daesh/ ISIS/ISIL – supported by Clinton due to donations to the Clinton Foundation who as we have seen in the Wikileaks cables has been receiving funds from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Not surprisingly Merkel in Germany is NOT happy with the Trump win. EU Reaction to Trump: What’s With the Face? Germany has also supported sanctions against Russia. Trump has said that he wants to pull out of NATO, or at the very least stop supporting countries who do not pay their fair share. He has also put a stop to the TTIP agreements. It is rumoured that Merkel is the daughter of Hitler who escaped through the Vatican ratlines to Patagonia in Argentina after WW2 and lived to a ripe old age. 

Now, Putin is going to host peace talk agreements between Israel and the Palestinians, Gazprom has made deals with Israel to develop gas off the Israeli coastline and Trump has done a turnaround supporting Israel. One hopes that in all these negotiations with Gas, fighting Daesh and possibly averting yet another attempt by Germany to control the Middle East which I suspect could have been fueled by extremists trained in Islamic Black underground sites in that country, both Putin and Trump will finally secure a Palestinian State getting rid of illegal occupation on the West Bank and the Golan Heights. But that remains to be seen. …

So while Trump is being denigrated as another Hitler and a racist by Soros and his “color revolution”who has always had ties to the pro- Nazi faction and who supports Clinton, it has been the Obama administration who has been supporting a German blue print that goes back over 100 years through support of the Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi sect that has destroyed Libya, Iraq and Syria and has had a hand in the civil war in Ukraine.


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