A Trump Presidency What Will It Look Like?

by Katherine Frisk: 

I am staring to get a feel for what a Trump Presidency is going to look like.Unless of course: 

a) Soros and his “color revolution “model starts a civil war. 

b) Obama starts WW3 before Trump can take office. 

c) They manage to bump the Trump… like six feet under…. 

d) Or all three. 

A Trump Presidency is going be be part comedy and we will all be laughing a lot, but while we are laughing watch out for the kill shot!

Look at the last week. While Soros demonstrators cried and beat their chests and protested, Trump killed the TPP. A major blow in anyone’s book. I doubt if the protesters even know what the TPP is or even really understand it. If they did they would be cheering not causing havoc in American cities. But then that is Common Core Education for  you, GMO poison foods, vaccines, a corrupt Media and TV designed to keep your awareness limited to tunnel vision.

I think Trump has taken a few tips from Nigel Farage, another politician with a sense of humour. Nigel’s speeches at the EU Parliament have always been good entertainment and good for a laugh…. but as they say. He who laughs last laughs the hardest. Consider this classic, not only is it amusing, but it sums up everything that is wrong with the EU:

And then a few years later after Britain won the Brexit vote to leave the EU we had this: 

And now we have this delightful montage of Trump: 


But what everyone is waiting for is to see who Trump surrounds himself with. There is a lot of disinformation out there at the moment, from “credible sources”  who do “not want to be identified.” The names that they are revealing ARE ALL suspect… for now. UNTIL fully confirmed.


Rudy Giuliani in drag and Donald Trump

The latest “truth revealed from an insider” is the appointment of  Rudi Giuliani for Secretary Of State. Can you imagine? Him sitting down at a negotiating table with Lavrov and Putin? The first thing that comes to my mind is…. which wig is he going to wear? But wait a minute, didn’t Trump say:

“First of all, the original 9/11 investigation is a total mess and has to be reopened” Trump announced to supporters. “How do two planes take out three buildings in the same day? I never got my head around the fact that nothing is mentioned about the destruction of Building 7 in the 585 page document,” he explained, talking about World Trade Center 7 which also collapsed – inexplicably – during the September 11 attacks.”

Then there are the 28 pages that were suppressed which involve Saudi Arabia and Prince Bandar, bosom buddie of George Bush junior, the same country who has been contributing large amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation and the same country that has been arming, funding and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood – Al-Qaeda and all its other affiliations under various names that it goes by. Known simply as Daesh in the Middle East but who has made a name for itself as ISIL/ ISIS in Iraq and Syria, committing gross human rights atrocities and where they are only now starting to uncover mass graves.  But then if a woman in Saudi Arabia gets raped she is buried in the ground and stoned to death, so what do you expect? The same Saudi Arabia that has been chosen to chair of a panel of independent experts on the UN Human Rights Council. The mind boggles!

But back to Rudy. IF he becomes Secretary of State, in drag…. or not, the news footage will be very entertaining. We can all laugh for a change. But watch out for the kill shot. If anyone would know exactly what happened on 9/11 at ground zero, Rudi would.

Let me put it this way, there are many ways to win a war and direct confrontation is not always one of them. Often these things take time and holding your cards close to your chest is not only the best option for your own survival, it is also the best option if you are sitting with all the aces in your hand…..

So while you are laughing, let’s see how this all plays out shall we?






3 thoughts on “A Trump Presidency What Will It Look Like?

  1. Building WTC-6 was also destroyed that morning. Thermal images show exterior walls intact, core red hot, making it appear like a rectangular volcano. Thanks to the excellent series of Nuclear Education articles at Veterans Today, all evidence proves….

    “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” an interview with Dr James Fetzer on YouTube

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  2. Here are ways to cover up Dr. Wood’s research:

    1.) Create and promote unscientific alternate forms of destruction.

    2.) Promote her research and then find fault with it.

    3.) Make personal attacks against her character.

    4.) Marginalize her research and call it “voodoo science”.

    5.) Promote her research but misquote her and run it into the ditch.

    6.) Ignore her research and evidence then call it a “theory”.

    7.) Say that you have read her book and find fault with it when you never did read her book.

    8.) Create other faux groups like the “Sandy Hook Hoaxers” to keep people from asking the right questions and looking at the evidence Dr. Wood presents. This also creates distrust in our government and people that ask questions. If our government was responsible for 9/11, our government is the only way to reverse the damage it has caused. This is why Dr. Wood filed her Federal Qui-Tam lawsuit. Too bad the Truthers did not support it. The phrase, “use or or lose it” comes to mind. If the system is broken, then fix it. Otherwise, you are condoning the broken state that it’s in. (The “we are change” characters, the “loose change” characters, and Richard Gage & Co. going to the AIA office with ambush video interview attempts are good examples.) Ambush journalism does not solve problems; it covers them up.

    If the “thousands of engineers” that Mr. Gage brags about had stood behind Dr. Wood’s Federal Qui-Tam lawsuit, it would have been a lot harder for them to dismiss it… especially if they stood in and outside of the courtroom during the 8-minute “hearing” by the Court of Appeals. After all, the written decision from that hearing did not refute Dr. Wood’s collection of evidence and her conclusions from that evidence. The court actually acknowledge the law applied to Dr. Wood’s case but admitted they were ignoring the law to dismiss the case! Why were the Truthers satisfied with that outcome? Anarchy is not the answer and fixes nothing.


    Popular theories about what destroyed the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001 are:

    1 Fires from jet fuel and office materials weakened steel in the upper floors and the buildings collapsed

    2 Conventional controlled demolition blew out supports at the base and the buildings collapsed

    3 Thermite cut steel columns on virtually every floor and the buildings collapsed

    4 Conventional explosives blew the buildings up

    5 Mini-nukes blew the buildings up

    Theories 1, 2 and 3 rely on gravity to bring the buildings down while the last two blow them up. Popular theories, yes, and dead wrong. Five facts scientifically documented in Ph.D. engineer Judy Wood’s comprehensive textbook (Where Did The Towers Go?) prove the popular theories false beyond any doubt whatsoever. Yes, I know it’s amazing. Who’d a thunk it’d be this easy?


    DEBRIS: What debris? There was so little debris from each 110-story building that there was no “pile” or “stack.” Rubble totaled less than a story. It was a football field as a survivor who emerged from Stairwell B, North Tower, exclaimed. No computers, toilets, and only one small piece from one Steelcase file cabinet were found. Some steel and mostly dust remained. Lack of debris on the ground from quarter-mile-high twin towers whispers “no collapse.” See Chapter 9.

    BATHTUB: A bathtub or slurry wall surrounded 70 feet of WTC subbasements to prevent the Hudson River from flooding the WTC and downtown. If each 500,000-ton tower had slammed into the bathtub in 10 seconds or less, the protective wall would collapse. Did not happen. Upshot? Collapses did not happen. See Chapter 5.

    SEISMIC IMPACT: “Had the towers collapsed, foundation bedrock would have experienced tremendous force hammering on it throughout the ‘collapse,’” writes Dr. Wood. Seismic instruments registered disturbances far too short in duration and far too small to record tower collapses. This was true of both the twin towers and 47-story WTC7. Again, no evidence of collapses. See Chapter 6.

    SOUND: There were no loud explosions, as established by videos, witnesses, and the official report of NIST. Nor were there loud screeches and screams from massive metal falling, colliding, scraping and collapsing on metal. See Chapter 6.

    DUST: Photos, videos and witness testimony show the towers turned to powder in mid-air. Tim McGinn, NYPD, said, “I was standing there for a couple of seconds thinking where the f**k is the tower? I simply couldn’t comprehend it.” The dust rollout was so enormous and thick it blocked out sunlight and left an inch or more of dust covering downtown. Much of it wafted into the upper atmosphere. The volume was incredible. Particles from dust samples were smaller than red blood cells and about the size of DNA. As for toxicity, researchers said the dust “recorded the highest levels we have ever seen in over 7,000 measurements we have made of very fine air pollution throughout the world, including Kuwait and China.” See Chapters 8, 9, 14-16.

    ♥The Miracle of Directed Energy Technology on 9/11♥



    • Personally, I think like Clinton 9/11 will never be brought to trial. However what I do think you will see start happening and this is one small example. Andrew Breitbart was about to release some very important information about Obama. He was suddenly “heart attacked” the nigh before. Fast forward to 2016 and who is Trumps chief strategist and Senior Counselor? Stephen Bannon who took over Breitbart News after Andrew Breitbart died. Now what you have is a whistle blower IN the White House. If that isn’t giving the establishment the finger I do not know what is. If Gulliani becomes Secretary of State, he knows more about what really went on at ground zero than anybody. Now you have two of them. In the White House. My head spins when I think of the possibilities and the people who will suddenly start play ball because of it and will refrain from trying to black Trump. Watch out for more of this. If he gets it right, he will turn a whole lot of things around very quickly.


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