Media Targeted On Liberal Professor’s List of “Fake News” Sources

Katherine Frisk:

This just goes to show that “professors” or in this case assistant “professors”are not all that they are cut out to be and that academia is NOT the “be all and the end all” of accredited opinion.

zimdars-2016-11-16-fake-news_1One, Melissa Zimdars, has taken it upon herself to decide which news sites are “fake”and which ones are not. If I had to hazard a guess, I am sure that she voted for Clinton in the past presidential election.

Main Stream Media is hurting badly at the moment. In spite of their propaganda and lies, in spite of convincing themselves and the international community that Clinton had the White House in the bag, they lost. The fact of the matter is that nobody believes any of these outlets anymore and their readership and viewership is dropping by the day. A few worth mentioning are the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, CBS, ABC etc. They are now assessing the situation and intend to rectify it so that Independent Media, what they call “fake“news, can never undermine their preprogrammed propaganda again and that populations will tow the line and accept as valid and true the narrative that they present.

Google has also got into the act and has threatened to pull advertising from sites that they deem “fake”news in order to pull the plug on revenue for these news sites and shut them up, along with algorithms that reorder search engines and direct readers to sites that they deem acceptable.

If you have been in this business for any period of time, you will know that being part of the Independent Media is no walk in the park. Very few make a living out of it, and if they do their revenue comes from donations rather than from any advertising. Most in the last six years have done it out of love and concern for the deplorable state that journalism has now fallen to. If any group of people should be called the “deplorables,“it is this profession. Truthful, honest and accurate reporting no longer exists, all Main Stream Media cow-tow to the party line, the deep state and their advertisers.

I am not going to discuss all of those listed here by Zimdars, that would take a thesis, something she should maybe consider, but this time with an open mind and what is more, actually go and do proper research on these sites.

 Breitbart News. 




Breitbart News was run by Andrew Breitbart, an investigative journalist with conservative right views.

He uncovered information on Barrak Obama and was going to release it the next day. That evening he died from a very suspicious “heart attack.”

Breitbat News was then taken over by Stephen Bannon. Breitbart News was one of the few outlets that covered the Trump campaign in any positive way.  Stephen Bannon has now been appointed chief strategist and Senior Counselor to the Trump administration.



Infowars and Alex Jones


Whatever you may or may not think about Alex Jones he has done consistent work over the years.

His talk shows and news page has opened the minds of millions across the USA and around the world to subjects that they never considered and opened their eyes to the corruption on a social, environmental, political and economic level.

Love him or hate him, he has dared to go where very few have been before, his expose of Bohemian Grove and human sacrifice rituals ( real or an effigy) in front of a statue of Moloch carried out by the American “leaders” of society, has woken the world up to the depravity that the US has now fallen into.

Alex has also given many journalists air time and helped them to launch their own independent carriers. If anything he has inspired, nurtured and assisted in the boom in Independent journalism around the world. Many, whether they love him or hate him, have got a lot to thank him for.

21st Century Wire


Patrick Henningson is another journalist who has worked consistently over the years exposing the lies and the propaganda that the world has been subjected to.

In the last year he should get an award for his coverage of Aleppo and the interviews he has shared which has given readers and listeners an inside view as to what the real story has been on the ground.

The truth has been a far cry from the headlines across Main Stream Media, especially in regard to the White Helmets, a covert group supporting Daesh/ ISIS and claiming to do humanitarian rescue operations for the “rebels”when in fact they have been in the midst of die-hard extremist terrorists who chop off children’s heads and film themselves doing it, while their “rescue”operations have been pure fake propaganda.

The White Helmets even managed to get themselves nominated for a Noble Peace prize, which doesn’t say much about that institution that in recent years has been awarding those who promote war and human rights abuses as opposed to peace. I highly recommend his interview on Russia Today which you can view HERE.

With regard to Russia Today, I am surprised that Zimdars did not include them on her list of fake deplorables!

Activist Post


Activist Post is another news site with in-depth reporting and their journalists have also been consistent for many years now.

They have covered and still do cover many subjects both relevant to the US and internationally. Their highly talented journalists have been at the forefront of investigating the dangers of Genetically modified foods, vaccines, chemtrails, geo-engineering, false flags, political corruption and the wars in the Middle East.

Recently they have covered the  Soros backed “color revolution”in the USA engineered by the deep state since Trump won the Presidential election, in the hopes of overthrowing him has they have overthrown many other elected leaders around the world through their “regime change”policies. If anything, they are a news site to bookmark, not to put down as a “fake”outlet.

Veterans Today


Veterans Today has given exposure to the wars in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine consistently over the last five years.

They were at the forefront with articles of CIA and US involvement arming, funding, training and often fighting alongside Daesh/ ISIS who the Main Stream Media referred to as “rebels.”

As it turns out there are no rebels, 95% of those fighting and attempting to overthrow the elected government of Syria and their president Assad are not Syrians and come from over 100 different countries around the world.

Both Jim Dean and Gordon Duff, the editors of Veterans Today have been to Syria on a number of occasions and interviewed many people there. Jim Dean was part of a group of international monitors that were brought in to oversee their elections and ensure that they were free, fair and above-board. One has to ask, how many times has Zimdars been to Syria and spoken to the Syrian people?

Zero Hedge


Last and certainly not least, Zero Hedge is one of the leaders in Independent journalism.

Although geared to news on the economic front, they have also published articles on many other different subjects.

They have done groundbreaking work exposing the fraud and corruption in the banking industry. The banker bailouts, high frequency trading, currency manipulation, gold price rigging, the collapse of the petro dollar amongst many other issues that have led to the financial crisis that the world finds itself in today.

If you really want to know what is going on in the world markets, Zero Hedge is not to be missed!



If anything Zimdars has been remiss. She has failed to mention all the “fake” deplorables. I know of many Independent Journalists out there who will be most disappointed that they have not made her list!

Well guys, you are just going to have to work harder to make it to the A list! 

Here they all are. Enjoy exploring!







2 thoughts on “Media Targeted On Liberal Professor’s List of “Fake News” Sources

  1. Clueless snowflake Zimdar lacks the science and history knowledge to judge Truth. My research articles have been published on Breitbart, Drudge and InfoWars, and the not listed CanadaFreePress. I’m am daily reader of Veterans Today and did two hour interview with VT editor Dr James Fetzer….

    “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” on YouTube…. also two hour interview on CaravanToMidnight….and > Climate Change & Thermodynamics

    Snowflake Zimdar….I challenge you to a science, history or current events debate !


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