Boy did they get it wrong! The Economist – The World In 2016

by Katherine Frisk: 

Called their special edition “Christmas Stocking filler,” and I cannot find out when this was first sent out. To quote from their website:

The World in 2016, The Economist‘s annual collection of predictions, identifies and explores the issues that will shape the year ahead. Prominent figures from politics, business, science and the arts join journalists from The Economist and other leading publications in offering forecasts for 2016.

With a 30th-edition special section and contributions from Christine Lagarde, Travis Kalanick, Eduardo Paes, Roger Goodell, Narendra Modi, Malala Yousafzai, Tim Berners-Lee

Having said that, can you spot the mistake?  Here is the front cover:


Merkel, Clinton and Yellen the central focus?

Obama and Cameron faded to back and black. Ok they got that right.

The American flag now looks like somebody’s old quilted blanket?

Assad is right at the back looking like a cartoon gopher about to disappear? I don’t think so…

The Roman Catholic Pope is crowned with the sun while the Orthodox Christian Bishop is a cartoon figure that is overshadowed. Oh boy. Er hem, cough, cough, cough. The new White House Chief of staff will be Reince Priebus who is a Greek Orthodox Christian! So much for that slap in the face.

And something is seriously missing from this whole montage! The biggest political upset in recent US and international history! But I guess it was too late. The artist had already been paid and the “Christmas Socking” editions had already been printed and sent out to subscribers!


Take a look at the full montage found on page 15, the left side of the picture being the front cover and the present and future, the right side referring to the past.


On the right in the sky is the word AIDS close to Elizabeth Taylor’s head. She was one of the first Hollywood stars to stand up and become an activist against that illness when most people were hiding away in the closet. Centre stage we have Bill Clinton. Rumours have been flying around that he is HIV positive, which considering his notorious  lifestyle should not come as a surprise to anyone.

As for Tony Blair the war criminal, after the Chilcot report, one doubts if we will be seeing much of him in the future, he might as well go the way of the dodo bird!

But back to the front page, the left side in this case, of the picture. The very nicely gathered ensemble of Clinton, Merkel and Yellen might as well also go the way of the dodo bird.

Clinton  is out, she is playing Ping Pong and eating Pizza in Haiti these days.

Herr Merkel and her sidekick Banderites in Ukraine on a one way course to war with Russia … will soon be out.

And Yellen will be replaced and hopefully the whole Federal Reserve Bank will be scrapped. That will save Trump a whole lot of money on the printing press if nothing else.

Yup you could say that they have painted a very “novel”picture of the future!

The people who should be there are not.

Oh hang on, wait a minute, here they come up there rear…..

The Economist redeemed themselves with the cover of the November 19th edition ….


Yup! Its a Revolution!



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