Brexit, Trump and now Fillon: Surprise result of French center-right primary

The victory of Francois Fillon, the French presidential hopeful who secured a convincing win in the first round of the center-right primary despite trailing in polls, took many by surprise. But some say his success is simply a French version of the ‘Trump effect’



4 thoughts on “Brexit, Trump and now Fillon: Surprise result of French center-right primary

    • Whatever France and Germany do in the next election chances are they are going to do a Brexit/Trump. People are truly fed up with the wars, the corruption, the banker bailouts and banker fraud. The TPP an TTIP which would basically make Nation Statehood redundant and voting for your own government a comedy of errors. They are sick of GMO, they are sick of the Middle Class being destroyed. Biggest nail in the coffin for the EU was when the Brexit vote won. Martin Shultz in retaliation said: “The crowds do not decide their fate.” Nobody in the EU is voted in, they are appointed by the banks and the corporations. Nobody in the EU wants war with Russia and everyone is sick of the refugee crisis and the terror threats.


      • Speaking of Russia, I see Fillon promises a rapprochement with them if he’s elected. Also re bankers, Emmanuel Macron has thrown his hat in the ring. I wonder if he’ll gain any traction at all given his banking background. He’s been booed at a few rallies already.


      • Not talking to Russia is a stupid move. Alignment with Russia means becoming part of the Silk Roads project with fast rail from Bejjing and Vladivostok to Lisbon. Instead of blowing the whole place up like they have done three times before. Europeans will then get easy access to a market of over 2 billion people including India which is also part of the Silk Road. Neither China nor Russia are interested in war and even if Europe does not join them, which would be dumb, it is going to be an amazing development program that will dominate the 21st century and cut out current expensive and slow shipping costs.

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