Trump Opts For Independent Media Dumps Main Stream Propaganda

If Trump actually makes it to the White House, (his stumbling blocks being a Soros funded “color revolution” at worst a civil war that will replicate Ukraine (PS watch out for snipers shooting at both protesters and police 😉  an attempt to prove  the votes were wrongly countered and instead favour Clinton ( Trump camp will counter with proof of “zombie” votes and rigging by the Clinton camp;) or lastly an assassination attempt) his major form of communication will be personal and direct, through twitter and you tube, circumventing misinterpretation and lies coming out of Main Stream Media. In Other words, if you do not hear it directly from him, he didn’t say it! 

When the President of the USA joins Independent Media then you know that an earth shaking event has just occurred! 

“Donald Trump seems to be going to war with the US mainstream media. The president-elect has accused outlets of being dishonest and biased against him. RT’s Ilya Petrenko has been looking at the uneasy relationship America’s incoming leader has with the media.”




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