UK probe into Police failings on child sex abuse

The British police are under investigation. Over 180 complaints have been made about their dealings with historical cases of child sex abuse in England and Wales. A new report has revealed 27 completed inquiries have resulted in potential disciplinary action against up to 15 officers.

The road to justice for victims of child sex abuse is agonisingly long and potential police failings only reinforce their isolation. However, some of the cases, which occurred decades ago, include claims that investigations were brought to a halt despite the fact evidence of abuse was uncovered. “Complaints about the police’s handling of child sex abuse cases haven’t been confined to just one particular force, as alleged police wrongdoing has been reported across the country. Does this send the message that the British police have an institutional problem in bringing paedophiles to justice?” The UK police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, said in a statement that:

“The IPCC is committed to investigating the most sensitive and serious incidents of alleged police wrongdoing and many child sexual abuse cases fall within that remit.”

The UK is being swept by a new wave of sex abuse claims as footballers are speaking out about being abused as children by their coaches. This is undoubtedly going to spur more victims to come forward, but can they count on the police to help them?



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